• Flown 

    Blumberg, Mark A. (2015-08)
    A personal account of writing and directing the thesis film "Flown" while enrolled in the Radio-Television-Film program at The University of Texas, Austin.
  • Friends with benefits : on documenting the struggle of a friend 

    Onsando, Weslie (2016-08)
    Selené is a 24-minute documentary film about a 24-year-old drug addict’s struggle to reconcile her addictions with her faith in God. The following report gives an account of the documentary’s conception and actualization. ...
  • The Kiely Family 

    Banta, Lauren (2002-05)
  • Make no assumptions : an invitation to the theatre 

    Wilson, Steven M. (2014-05)
    An in-depth look at my how my desire to make no assumptions with regards to creating art led me to invitation as a guiding principle when directing for the theatre. This thesis will cite examples from three productions ...
  • Mnemosyne rising - the genesis of a sci-fi short film 

    Alvarez, Miguel Angel (2009-12)
    This report will summarize the process of writing, developing, directing, and finishing the 35mm short film, Mnemosyne Rising. This film was produced as my graduate thesis film in the Department of Radio-Television-Film ...
  • Sleep paralysis 

    Jackfert, Matthew Damous (2013-05)
    Sleep Paralysis was written to be performed by a chamber orchestra of 17 performers total. The piece runs between 11 and 12 minutes and has a distinct programmatic approach. This piece attempts to convey the emotions and ...
  • Vapors: Women and Depression 

    Barad, Meredith (1998-05-04)