• A computer model for learning to teach : proposed categorizations and demonstrated effects 

      Gaertner, Emily Katherine (2013-12)
      With the proliferation of new technological alternatives to the traditional classroom, it becomes increasingly important understand the role that innovative technologies play in learning. Computer environments for learning ...
    • The honor motive in international relations 

      Ofek, Hillel (2013-05)
    • The intellectual given 

      Bengson, John Thomas Steele (2010-05)
      Some things we know just by thinking about them: for example, that identity is transitive, that three are more than two, that wantonly torturing innocents is wrong, and other propositions which simply strike us as true ...
    • The intimate pulse of reality : sciences of description in fiction and philosophy, 1870-1920 

      Brilmyer, Sarah Pearl (2014-08)
      This dissertation tracks a series of literary interventions into scientific debates of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, showing how the realist novel generated new techniques of description in response ...
    • Jonathan Swift, Sir William Temple and the international balance of power 

      Gertken, Matthew Charles (2013-05)
      This dissertation investigates the balance of power theory of international relations in the works of Jonathan Swift and his mentor Sir William Temple. Both Temple and Swift are known to have championed balance-of-power ...
    • A new defense of realism 

      Mantegani, Nicholas Buckley (2012-08)
      In this dissertation, I defend the claim that realism – that is, a theory committed to an ontology of universals and particulars – is a more viable theory than any of the others adopted in order solve to the problem of ...
    • A study in the sociology of Islam 

      Wardī, ʻAlī (1948-08)
      The present thesis is an attempt to study some of the social theories of Islam, not as logical ideas existing in a vacuum, but rather as idealogies which are in close interaction with the social conditions in the midst of ...
    • Unknown publics : Victorian novelists and working-class readers, 1836-1870 

      Ptacek, Jacob Charles (2015-05)
      It is well known that readerships exploded during the Victorian era, as transformations of social structures, education, and print technology created a mass readership hungry for literature. Unknown Publics examines how ...