• Concerto for percussion and wind ensemble 

      Ozley, Christopher (2013-12)
      This thesis is a musical composition featuring solo percussion with wind ensemble. It is in three movements with a cadenza linking the second and third movements. The performance time of this work is approximately 12’ ...
    • Just lucky 

      Mino, Diana (2011-05)
      Just lucky is a chamber work for three singers, three percussionists and saxophone quartet. It is a setting of a poem of the same name by David Bush.
    • Long distance : for solo percussion, wind ensemble, and electronics 

      Snowden, Steven, 1981- (2014-05)
      Long Distance is a work for solo percussion (marimba and vibraphone), wind ensemble, and electronics consisting of four movements and lasting approximately twenty minutes. Each movement is designed to be able to stand on ...
    • Música dramática 

      Wilson, Zackery Joseph (2010-05)
      In my years as a composer, I’ve had a great fascination with the concept of juxtaposition and superimposition of various moods and styles of music. Although I’d written many pieces before thesis, I had yet to examine the ...
    • Rasgueado for flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, cello, percussion and piano 

      Barkoskie, Alvez Theodore (2011-12)
      "Rasgueado” is an expansion of a chorale from an earlier work I composed for brass quintet. It is based on a seven measure progression that appears in many several different variations throughout the work. Traditionally, ...
    • Righteous Among the Nations : the story of Ho Feng-Shan 

      Yee, Thomas B.; 0000-0002-9970-3907 (2017-06-22)
      Righteous Among the Nations : the story of Ho Feng-Shan is a four-movement music composition of approximately 25 minutes in duration. The piece is scored for Baritone solo voice and Pierrot Ensemble (Flute/Piccolo, Clarinet ...
    • The speaking world, tarab and iPod alchemy : The Sensuous Terrain, for mixed chamber ensemble and percussion 

      Stamps, Jack W. (2010-05)
      The Sensuous Terrain, a work for violin, clarinet, piano, cello and two percussionists is a 28-30 minute commission for the SOLI Chamber Ensemble of San Antonio. The goal of the work is a hybrid, or reconciliation, of Sufi ...