• Aerial acrobatics 

      Badgett, Karol Ann (2008-12)
      Aerial Acrobatics is a musical composition for full orchestra consisting of three movements entitled: "Spinning," "Arabesques," and "Scherzo for Trapeze." The material is derived from the composer's experience as a dance ...
    • The Man of God for orchestra: a descriptive analysis 

      Oh, Seil (2003)
      “The Man of God,” based on the biblical story of David, is an orchestral piece in one movement. The composition is scored for a standard large symphony orchestra, and is approximately fifteen minutes in duration. This ...
    • Moriah: for orchestra 

      Hwang, Dong-Ok (2003)
      MORIAH is a work for full orchestra inspired by Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. The general program for the work is based on events told in the Bible. Four themes, representing Abraham, Isaac, God and Jesus, are the main ...
    • Prophecies 

      Kolm, Jonathan David, 1977- (2007-05)
    • Silvered dreams 

      McInturff, Marian Rachel, 1962- (2003-05)
      “Silvered Dreams” is a thirteen-minute composition for small orchestra, including a synthesizer. It is structured as a series of impressionistic episodes that alternate between the amorphous and atmospheric to the more ...