• A hero's journey : a modern musical exploration of the monomyth 

    Brace, Conor Lane (2010-09-08)
    This thesis presents and analyzes the author's original jazz composition "A Hero's Journey," based on the ancient and widespread storytelling pattern that Joseph Campbell called the "monomyth." Using major concepts from ...
  • Albert Herring 

    Alarcon, Amber (2011-05-31)
    Opera by Benjamin Britten, libretto adapted from a short story of Guy de Maupassant by Eric Crozier. Jim Lowe, conductor. Marc Reynolds, conductor.
  • Anular Monolog 

    Sanger, George (2014-11-20)
  • Approaches to the performance of the Odyssey 

    Tosa, Dygo Leo (2010-09-22)
    This report examines different approaches to the performance of the Odyssey. The first approach focuses on the internal evidence of the Odyssey, looking at how the Homer’s poems define the singer as a type. The second ...
  • Burlesque : music, minstrelsy, and mimetic resistance 

    Blake, Iris Sandjette (2013-05-17)
    My project can be read as an intervention that aims to disrupt the "innocence" of burlesque's dominant historical narratives, where burlesque is fashioned as related to minstrelsy but not as minstrelsy. A discussion of the ...
  • Callisto 

    Corry, Sara Jessica (2012-08-03)
    Callisto or Jupiter IV is one of 66 moons of the planet Jupiter. Discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610, it is the third-largest moon in the Solar System. It is thought that Callisto’s surface has evolved primarily through ...
  • Comparing silence with verbal & non-verbal music and irrelevant speech in mathematics assessment 

    Yonnone, Patrick M. (2012-08-27)
    This study looks at the effects of silence as compared to two different types of music and one type of irrelevant speech to analyze the effects on an assessment of 4 categories of mathematical questions. The hypothesis ...
  • Comrades 

    Hayman, Jeffrey P. (2013-12-06)
    Comrades was inspired by Milan Kundera’s first novel, The Joke. The music initially set out to depict four characters from The Joke and their distinct personalities, with each movement individually depicting a specific ...
  • Considerations for creative commons : an examination for motivations of adoption or non-adoption of creative commons licenses 

    Gloria, Marie Joan Tanedo (2012-02-13)
    This paper proposes an examination of Creative Commons (CC) licensing and considerations for adoption or non adoption among musicians. According to the Creative Commons Web site, the licenses were created to work alongside ...
  • Defining Nazi film : the film press and the German cinematic project, 1933-1945 

    Le Faucheur, Christelle Georgette (2013-11-13)
    This dissertation analyses the roles and functions of the German film press during the Third Reich and explores the changes and tensions that characterized German cinema and, by extension, German society during that time ...
  • Digital Media Insider Podcast Interviews 

    Sanger, George (2014-11-24)
  • Effects of observation duration on evaluations of teaching in secondary school band and choir rehearsals 

    Chapman, DaLaine (2014-05-01)
    The purpose of the present study was to determine whether expert evaluators' assessments of teachers vary between observations of rehearsal frames that demonstrate effective student behavior change and observations of full ...
  • ESM 

    Sanger, George (2014-11-14)
  • The Fabulous Phlaix Demo, circa 1979 

    Sanger, George (2014-11-14)
  • Fear of an Arab Planet 

    Alsalman, Yassin "The Narcicyst"; Chakaki, Omar "Offendum"; Kazaleh, Tarik "Excentrik"; Wattad, Nizar "Ragtop"; The Arab Summit (2011-09-08)
  • Festivals : the culture and politics of Mahraganat music in Egypt 

    Benchouia, Tarek Adam; 0000-0002-3364-8634 (2015-05-07)
    This thesis is an ethnographic study that explores the culture and politics of a contemporary and emergent genre of music in Egypt. Mahraganat ("festivals") describes an energetic musical movement that locates its genealogy ...
  • Flare for orchestra based on poetry by Mary Oliver 

    Sharp, Justin Edward (2010-10-08)
    “Flare for orchestra based on poetry by Mary Oliver” is a three-movement work based on the poem “Flare,” by Mary Oliver. In “Flare,” the emotional and expressive content of the poetry is captured in the programmatic narrative ...
  • House Musik 

    Sanger, George (2014-11-20)
  • "I can turn karaoke into open mic night" : an exploration of Asian American men in hip hop 

    Jackson, Tamela Teara (2013-05-07)
    The purpose of this report is to explore the ways in which Asian American men participate in hip hop culture, and what this participation says about their politics and representation in United States media and popular ...
  • I-10 

    Sigler, Andrew Lloyd (2014-05-14)
    I-10 is a multi-movement song-cycle inspired by the I-10 corridor as it passes through southern Louisiana and its impact on my life. I grew up in Lake Charles, spent nine years in Lafayette, and made countless trips to New ...