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    Rapoport, Bernard (2011)
  • Balance between humanity and ecology 

    Spears, Steven Joseph, 1974- (2009)
    Incorporating aspects of public and environmental art practices into my professional endeavors as a landscape architect and urban designer has provided me with opportunities to work at a human scale, consider human needs, ...
  • Community assembly, stability and food web structure 

    Pawar, Samraat Shashikant, 1975- (2009-05)
    Natural communities of species embody complex interrelationships between the structure of the interspecific interaction network, dynamics of species' populations, and the stability of the system as a whole. Studying these ...
  • Ecological mechanisms underlying soil microbial responses to climate change 

    Waring, Bonnie Grace (2013-12)
    Soil microbes influence the global carbon cycle via their role in the decomposition and formation of soil organic matter. Thus, rates of ecosystem processes such as primary production, soil respiration, and pedogenesis are ...
  • Evolution of microbial populations with spatial and environmental structure 

    Miller, Eric Louis (2010-05)
    Rarely are natural conditions constant, but generally biologists study microbes in artificially constant environments in the laboratory. I relaxed these assumptions of constant environments through time and space as I ...
  • Itsuko Hasegawa Guest Lecture 

    Hasegawa, Itsuko (1991-04-08)
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  • Links to Pianka Web Pages 

    Pianka, Eric R. (2017)
  • Medium of modulation: the contradictory configurations of power in video games 

    Fong, Byron Tuck; 0000-0002-0463-7055 (2016-05)
    Video games have formal structural properties that create tensions between simplicity and complexity, transparency and obfuscation, systems of power and individual empowerment. This thesis investigates these tensions in ...
  • The origins, maintenance, and conservation of biodiversity in spatial networks 

    Economo, Evan Philip (2009-08)
    Biodiversity is distributed unevenly across geographic space and the tree of life. A key task of biology is to understand the ecological and evolutionary processes that generate these patterns. I investigate how the structure ...
  • Parques do Pleistoceno: recriando o cerrado e o pantanal com a megafauna 

    Galetti, M. (Mauro) (2005)
    Nos últimos anos diversos pesquisadores tem sugerido a introdução de grandes predadores e herbívoros para a reconstrução de ecossistemas naturais. A introdução de lobos, ursos, pumas e até mesmo espécies exóticas como ...
  • Sex and social hierarchies affect populations across landscapes 

    Shaw, Roger William (2016-05)
    Ecologists have long been interested in the factors that drive the species composition of ecological communities. I propose that variation within species, particularly in dispersal behavior, plays an underappreciated role, ...