• All-around 

    Martinez, Tony Joe, III (2016-08)
    This report summarizes the development, production, and post-production process of the short documentary ALL-AROUND. Shot in 2014 and finished in 2016, the film was produced as my Graduate Thesis Film in the Department of ...
  • Arvind 

    Roberts, Evan (Film director) (2014-05)
    This report will summarize the process of developing, producing and finishing the short documentary film ARVIND. Shot on HD video in Austin, TX from May 2012 to March 2014, the film was produced as my Graduate Thesis Film ...
  • Free North Korea radio 

    Dong, Jee-Hyun (2011-05)
    My thesis film for the Master of Fine Arts degree is an 18-minute documentary entitled Free North Korea Radio. This report is an account of the filmmaking process from the initial idea through the finished film.
  • Friends with benefits : on documenting the struggle of a friend 

    Onsando, Weslie (2016-08)
    Selené is a 24-minute documentary film about a 24-year-old drug addict’s struggle to reconcile her addictions with her faith in God. The following report gives an account of the documentary’s conception and actualization. ...
  • "I died, still waiting on the truth" : self-identification and communicating personal ethics in the documentaries of exiled Iranian female filmmakers 

    Hunt, Jennifer, M.A. Anne (2015-05)
    Beginning in the late 1990's and continuing through the first decade of the twenty-first century, an impressive array of documentaries created by a small group of exiled Iranian female documentary filmmakers about issues ...
  • The influence of the World Wide Web on documentary form, distribution, and audience relations : the cases of Sin by Silence and This is Not a Conspiracy Theory 

    Dixon, Laura Jean; 0000-0001-9720-4031 (2015-05)
    My dissertation focuses on the research question: How is the Internet facilitating changes in social documentary practice? More specifically, how are documentary makers rethinking documentary form, distribution, and ...
  • A kind of wild 

    Vizcarrondo, Nina Leigh (2014-12)
    Gemsbok, ibex, sitatunga, nyala. Their names may be unfamiliar, but these rare species, originally from Africa and Asia, now roam Texas ranches in numbers close to 1 million. In an irony as big and as rich as Texas, ...
  • Lightspace and the city of perpetual moonlight 

    Conquest, Julie Marie (2013-05)
    Anthropological research discusses the potential of light to act as a social agent, influence culture and substantially effect the ways that people interact. To enrich this scholarship with ethnographic engagement the ...
  • Looking forward together : three studies of artistic practice in the South, 1920-1940 

    Lindenberger, Laura Augusta (2012-12)
    In this dissertation, I provide three studies of artistic practice in the era of the Great Depression. In each chapter, I write about a different set of artists working in the southeastern United States: I write about ...
  • Loose bodies 

    Akers, Madeleine Ruth (2010-05)
    My thesis film for the Master of Fine Arts degree is a 10-minute documentary entitled Loose Bodies. It traces my mom's recovery from knee replacement surgery, meanwhile exploring her relationship to her knees through ...
  • Mijo (my son) 

    Jeyaram, Chithra (2012-05)
    Mijo emerged as an alternate project to fulfill my MFA thesis requirement when Foreign Puzzle my initial thesis project faced serious setbacks. Foreign Puzzle is an hour-long documentary about love, life, breast cancer, ...
  • My sister Sarah 

    Chatelain, Elizabeth Marie (2013-05)
    "My Sister Sarah" is a 25-minute long documentary film about my sister, Sarah Chatelain, a recovering methamphetamine addict from Fargo, North Dakota. Utilizing a combination of family home videos, Super 8 film and verité ...
  • Narrative salvage 

    Shapland, Jennifer Ann; 0000-0002-6084-8519 (2016-05)
    Narrative Salvage brings together contemporary writing and film of what I call wastescapes: places made expendable—wasted—under late capitalism. In hybrid works of the 2000s by Bonnie Jo Campbell, Agnes Varda, Natasha ...
  • Negotiating documentary space 

    Rudin, Daniel (2012-05)
    This essay attempts to propose an art practice based on an ethical and aesthetic relation of author, subject, and viewer. This relationship is productive of results that are seen as critical to a precise, useful, and ethical ...
  • Night Shift 

    Boland, Alison Whitney (2015-05)
    This report will summarize my work as a graduate student in the University of Texas's M.F.A. program in Film Production and will chronicle the process of producing my short documentary thesis film, Night Shift.
  • Notes on 'el lugar indeseado' (the undesired place) 

    Torres, Alvaro, M.F.A. (2014-05)
    'The undesired place' is an effort at creating an audiovisual portrait through the means of alternative poetics. It is indeed a portrait because I am presenting a 26-minute window into the lives of several gold-panners in ...
  • The Revolutionaries 

    Basu, Rhituparna (2012-12)
    This report outlines the creation of my thesis project “The Revolutionaries: An Untold History of Freedom” from concept to completed film. The Revolutionary Movement was an underground militant movement in pre-independent ...
  • A rhetoric of instrumentality : documentary film in the landscape of public memory 

    Ross, Leah Michelle (2012-12)
    We are at a particular moment in history where new technologies are changing the way films are made, distributed, and screened, as well as how audiences interact with documentary texts and discourses. This dissertation ...
  • Shooting the Morro : favela documentaries and the politics of meaning 

    Stoner, Spencer Winston (2013-05)
    To many in the global North, the favelas of Rio de Janeiro are the most visible face of violence and poverty in Brazil. While the favela film genre (and its subset, the favela documentary) has received significant study, ...
  • The shrimp: form, process, experience 

    Wilson, Keith, 1974- (2009-08)
    This report will summarize the process of developing, producing and finishing the short documentary film THE SHRIMP. Shot on HD video in Savannah, GA during the spring and summer of 2009, the film was produced as my Graduate ...