• Day Lighting 

      Hack, Gary (1986)
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    • Daylight performance in mid/large buildings: basics, strategies, technologies 

      Astrich, Bobby; Morris, Alex; Walters, Briana (2009-10)
      An examination of the lighting requirements of mid- to large-scale building projects, with a focus on the utilization of natural daylight. The paper considers the sorts of tasks to be performed in different rooms/sections ...
    • Evaluation of lighting conditions in portable classrooms and analysis for alternative daylighting systems 

      Zhang, Yan, M.S. in Engineering; 0000-0003-3921-6063 (2016-12)
      Lighting conditions in multiple classrooms in central Texas were assessed, and the feasibility of improving portable classroom daylighting via alternative daylighting systems was also evaluated. Results indicate that ...
    • How to 

      Milovanovic-Bertram, Smilja; Hauser, Johanna (2011-07)
      A broad overview of the issues involved in designing sustainable buildings, and of how various construction methods and design features are used in sustainable architecture. Topics covered are: envelope, lighting, heating, ...