• Mechanical, failure and flow properties of sands : micro-mechanical models 

      Manchanda, Ripudaman (2011-05)
      This work explains the effect of failure on permeability anisotropy and dilation in sands. Shear failure is widely observed in field operations. There is incomplete understanding of the influence of shear failure in sand ...
    • Proppant transport in complex fracture networks 

      Blyton, Christopher Allen Johnson; 0000-0002-2681-7647 (2016-05)
      Current hydraulic fracturing practice in unconventional resource development typically involves multiple fracturing stages, each consisting of the simultaneous creation of several fractures from a horizontal well. A large ...
    • Terrain Processing of Sanderson, Texas 

      Hurd, Laura (2010-05-12)
      errain processing for Sanderson, Texas using the topographically-derived National Elevation Dataset (NED).