• Automatic validation of secure authentication protocols 

    Kim, Kyoil, 1964- (2003-08)
    Not available
  • Data privacy : the non-interactive setting 

    Narayanan, Arvind, 1981- (2009-05)
    The Internet has enabled the collection, aggregation and analysis of personal data on a massive scale. It has also enabled the sharing of collected data in various ways: wholesale outsourcing of data warehousing, partnering ...
  • Economic analysis on information security and risk management 

    Zhao, Xia, 1977- (2007)
    This dissertation consists of three essays that explore economic issues on information security and risk management. In the first essay, we develop an economic mechanism which coordinates security strategies of Service ...
  • Efficient, provably secure code constructions 

    Agrawal, Shweta Prem (2011-05)
    The importance of constructing reliable and efficient methods for securing digital information in the modern world cannot be overstated. The urgency of this need is reflected in mainstream media--newspapers and websites ...
  • Hop integrity: a defense against denial-of-service attacks 

    Huang, Chin-Tser (2003)
    Not available
  • Reliability and security of vector routing protocols 

    Li, Yan, doctor of computer science (2011-05)
    As the Internet becomes the ubiquitous infrastructure for various applications, demands on the reliability, availability and security of routing protocols in the Internet are becoming more stringent. Unfortunately, failures ...
  • Reliable SRAM fingerprinting 

    Kim, Joonsoo, Ph. D. (2011-08)
    Device identification, as human identification has been, has become critical to mitigate growing security problems. In the era of ubiquitous computing, it is important to ensure universal device identities that are versatile ...
  • Security architects in practice 

    Lakshminarayanan, Vidya L. (2006-12)
    While security has long been a significant issue in military systems, the spread of the internet has stimulated a growing interest in, and increasing demand for, secure systems. Understanding how architects manage security ...