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  • Importance of mobile advertising in agency media plans 

    Porter, Samuel Craig (2011-05)
    The explosive adoption rate of cell phones over the past few years has increased the desire for advertising agencies to explore mobile as an advertising channel. Over 90% of Americans own a cell phone, which opens a new ...
  • Non-profit organizations and mobile phone marketing 

    Cruz, Samantha Maria (2011-05)
    This report discusses how non-profit organizations can utilize mobile phone technology to reach supporters and inspire them to both act and give. The significance of this report and topic lies in the opportunity for ...
  • Technology, ideology, and emergent communicative practices among the Navajo 

    Peterson, Leighton Craig (2006-08)
    This dissertation examines emerging cultural attitudes, language ideologies, and discursive practices among Navajos and Navajo speakers through the lens of new media technologies on the Navajo Nation. New media such as ...