• Chemistry and microbiology of green building materials 

    Hoang, Chi Phuong (2009-05)
    While the market for “green” building materials has been expanding rapidly, no rigorous framework exists for evaluating the chemical and biological reactivity of these building materials. The objective of this research ...
  • Green building materials: determining the true definition of green 

    Fithian, Cody; Sheets, Andrea (2009-10)
    As of fall 2009, there are over fifty regional and national green labeling programs throughout the United States. Each of these have similar yet quite different versions of rating systems and qualifying characteristics ...
  • Houston III 

    Leipziger-Pearce, Hugo (2015-03-06)
    This digitized film from the Hugo Leipziger-Pearce papers documents a building construction site in the Houston, Texas area.
  • Ozone transport to and removal in porous materials with applications for low-energy indoor air purification 

    Gall, Elliott Tyler (2013-05)
    In the U.S. and other developed countries, humans spend the vast majority of their time within the built environment. As a result, a substantial portion of our collective exposure to airborne pollutants, even those of ...
  • Tracking the location of materials on construction projects 

    Song, Jongchul (2005)
    Not available
  • Walter Scarborough Time Lapse 

    Scarborough, Walter (1969)
    This digitized film from the Hugo Leipziger-Pearce papers captures the time lapse construction of the 5615 Westheimer Office Building in Houston, Texas designed by architect Walter Scarborough.
  • Walter Scarborough's Houston Projects Outtakes 

    Leipziger-Pearce, Hugo; Scarborough, Walter (1970)
    This digitized film from the Hugo Leipziger-Pearce captures a trip to a steel factory, likely in the Houston area. The home movie shows factory workers overseeing the production of structural steel building materials. The ...