• Endocranial Anatomy of the Charadriiformes: Sensory System Variation and the Evolution of Wing-Propelled Diving 

      Smith, N. Adam; Clarke, Julia A. (Public Library of Science, 2012-11-27)
      Just as skeletal characteristics provide clues regarding behavior of extinct vertebrates, phylogenetically-informed evaluation of endocranial morphology facilitates comparisons among extinct taxa and extant taxa with known ...
    • Guild-specific responses of birds to habitat fragmentation : evaluating the effects of different coffee production systems in Colombia 

      LaRota-Aguilera, Maria Jose (2011-12)
      Habitat loss and fragmentation are the main drivers of biodiversity loss, especially in the tropics, where the transformation of forested areas into agriculture is predicted to increase dramatically in the next five decades. ...
    • The iconography of Moche winged figures 

      Earle, Wendy Rose (2010-08)
      The Moche fineline painting corpus contains hundreds of representations of winged figures, but these have never been analyzed as a group. This thesis is an investigation of these winged figures, focusing on iconographic ...
    • Urban bird conservation 

      Fergus, Robby Scott (2008-12)
      Birds have co-inhabited American cities since the colonial era, and as people have noticed and appreciated them, they have taken steps to make cities even more hospitable for them. This dissertation documents the history ...
    • Versatility and Stereotypy of Free-Tailed Bat Songs 

      Bohn, Kirsten M.; Schmidt-French, Barbara; Schwartz, Christine; Smotherman, Michael; Pollak, George D. (Public Library of Science, 2009-08-25)
      In mammals, complex songs are uncommon and few studies have examined song composition or the order of elements in songs, particularly with respect to regional and individual variation. In this study we examine how syllables ...
    • Vosmaer beschryving 

      Vosmaer, A. (Arnout), 1720-1799 (P. Meijer, 1778)