• Both hands 

      Lendzian, Daniel Francis (2013-05)
      This thesis is an in-depth analysis of the role of Voice in Suzan Zeder’s The Edge of Peace. A brief description of the author’s acting work before matriculating into The University of Texas’ MFA Acting program is described. ...
    • Bringing lIfe to life : cultivating authenticity, freedom, and holistic integration in the art and practice of acting 

      Kimball, Elizabeth Lee (2013-05)
      This MFA thesis document explores the development of my acting craft and artistic development over a three-year period of intensive graduate training. The document includes an in-depth discussion of the preparation, ...
    • Cagers 

      Quiroz, Simon (2013-12)
      This report summarizes the script development, pre-production, production, and post- production stages of making the short film Cagers. The short was produced as my graduate thesis film in the Department of Radio-Television-Film ...
    • The five stages : a short play for one woman and the creative process 

      Barnes, Marlane Deanne (2010-05)
      This comedic short theatre piece follows the main character as she applies the five stages of mourning a death (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance) to her recent break-up. The process section then details ...
    • From Austin to Seattle, from Jason to Tree-Ear : my journey of A single shard 

      Ko, Jason Tze Hsin (2013-05)
      This is a written report of my experience on rehearsing and performing the production A Single Shard in Seattle Children’s Theatre from January to March of 2012. The essay documented my working process and the challenges ...
    • Hitting the marks 

      Smiley, John Francis (2013-05)
      This thesis consists of three major sections. The first reflects on the new methodologies that I have developed and incorporated into my classes and performances here in the MFA Acting program at The University of Texas ...
    • In the waiting room 

      Debuys, Catherine Dew (2010-05)
      This thesis consists of two major sections. The first is the text of the play In The Waiting Room that I wrote and performed on April 16, 2010 in the Lab Theater on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin. The ...
    • Learning to act : the politics, pedagogy, and possibilities of contemporary actor training in the U.S. 

      Canavan, Claire Marie (2010-05)
      This dissertation is a critical and comparative examination of late twentieth century and early twenty-first century actor training practices in the United States. It looks specifically at: Viewpoints training as developed ...
    • Letting go : acting process into performance 

      Barnes, Geoffrey Warren (2013-05)
      Theatre and Dance
    • The life that late I led 

      Robinson, Antoinette Janice (2013-05)
      A paper on process and examination of growth through performance and experimentation in the Master of Fine Arts in Acting program at the University of Texas at Austin.
    • Madness methods, practical instincts 

      Scott, Alexis Leah (2013-05)
      This paper serves as a reflection on my journey to pursue graduate studies in Acting, the specific tools acquired through training at UT Austin, the development of my particular methods of approach in response to such ...
    • My journey to an artist : I’m not a writer-- but I got a story to tell 

      Stephens, La Tasha René (2010-05)
      This thesis tracks my journey as an artist as I developed personally and as my performance piece moved from conception to implementation. The story begins with what I understood to be a lack of material written for and ...
    • A quest for freedom : finding my actor process 

      Morish, Amanda Christine (2013-05)
      This paper is a reflection on an actor’s journey through the Graduate Acting Program at the University of Texas at Austin which culminated in a thesis production of Intimate Apparel directed by Melissa Maxwell. This paper ...
    • Refining and letting go : an actor's process 

      Izuegbu, Nickclette Nne-amaka (2013-05)
      This thesis consists of three major sections. The first is a report of my coursework while at the university from August 2010 to April 2013 and how it culminated in an actor process towards working. The second section ...
    • Robert De Niro's Method : acting, authorship and agency in the New Hollywood (1967-1980) 

      Tait, Richard Colin (2013-05)
      This dissertation argues that Robert De Niro's performances in the 1970s mark him as pivotal a figure in the history of American film acting as Stella Adler, Elia Kazan, and Marlon Brando. De Niro's transformations into ...
    • Stage fright : exploring performance anxiety in an MFA professional acting program 

      Reese, Christopher Jermaine (2013-05)
      Although the topic is rarely discussed, performance anxiety is a debilitating condition that sometimes even successful actors face. This thesis chronicles my experience dealing with performance anxiety in four productions ...
    • Too foul and dishonoring to be overlooked : newspaper responses to controversial English stars in the Northeastern United States, 1820-1870 

      Smith, Tamara Leanne (2010-05)
      In the nineteenth century, theatre and newspapers were the dominant expressions of popular culture in the northeastern United States, and together formed a crucial discursive node in the ongoing negotiation of American ...
    • Transfer : unlearning the director's role in playmaking 

      Manning, Courtney Sale (2012-05)
      In this thesis I will examine my own directing praxis and transfer, the instant where ideas become action. I will define transfer as an initial trajectory toward a lasting event and examine how that practice has influenced ...
    • When inspiration fails 

      Schnack, Kyle Christopher (2013-05)
      The following is an in-depth look into the artistic process of actor Kyle Christopher Schnack, as reflected through his three year graduate level education in acting at the University of Texas at Austin and his work in ...