• A behavioral model for mutual fund dynamics 

    Kim, Donghyun; 0000-0001-9641-8716 (2015-07-29)
    Based on Berk and Green (2004), I develop a model that explains the following well-known stylized facts on mutual funds in a unified framework: (i) a negative aggregate return, (ii) a short-term return persistence, and ...
  • Anatomy of institutional investors: preferences, performance, and clienteles 

    Binay, Murat Mehmet (2011-03-16)
    Not available
  • Asset pricing anomalies : persistence, aggregation, and monotonicity 

    Maslov, Denys (2014-04-30)
    In Chapter 1, I investigate whether returns of strategies based on asset pricing anomalies exhibit time series persistence which can be attributed to flow-induced trading by mutual funds. I find persistence for thirteen ...
  • Asset pricing dynamics in a fragile economy: theory and evidence 

    Yoeli, Uziel (2008-08-28)
    Not available
  • Determinants of mutual fund flows 

    Gallaher, Steven Timothy (2011-07-06)
    I investigate mutual fund flows at the individual fund and at the fund family level. At the individual, I use SEC filings to decompose fund flows into inflows and outflows. This decomposition of net flows into its component ...
  • Early career experience and optimism spillover 

    Law, Kai Fung (2013-02-06)
    Using a long panel on employment history, I exploit a novel setting to examine if sell-side analysts carry over their early career experience into their future professional careers. I find that analysts' early mentorship ...
  • Essays in international corporate finance 

    Riutort, Julio César (2011-06-22)
    This dissertation consists of three essays in international corporate finance. It studies the impact of aggregate conditions and the institutional environment on the behavior of publicly traded firms from a broad sample ...
  • Essays on banking and corporate investment 

    Wardlaw, Malcolm Ian (2011-11-07)
    This dissertation examines issues in banking and the financing of corporate investment. The first chapter investigates the impact of changes in a bank's health on the investment behavior of its current borrowers for a panel ...
  • Essays on banks' resolutions of problem mortgage loans 

    Kim, Jung-Eun, active 2013 (2013-10-23)
    This dissertation examines banks' resolution of distressed commercial mortgage loans. Following the introduction in the first chapter, the second chapter reviews the literature on banks' resolutions of distressed loans. ...
  • Essays on business relations and corporate finance 

    Demirci, Irem (2013-09-10)
    This dissertation studies the impact of business relations on firms' financing decisions. The goal is to understand the determinants of business relations and how they interact with firms' capital structure. In the first ...
  • Essays on corporate finance 

    Crane, Alan David (2010-11-09)
    This dissertation addresses issues in corporate finance. Part I examines the litigation environment of a firm and its impact on financial policy. Chapter 1 discusses prior research, including theory and empirical results, ...
  • Essays on corporate finance and product market competition 

    Lee, Bomi (2014-08-15)
    This dissertation contains two essays on the aggressive behavior of corporations in product market competition. In the first essay, I investigate how market structure can impact a firm's risk of facing predation by rivals, ...
  • Essays on corporate risk management 

    Zhu, Rui, 1980- (2011-10-24)
    This dissertation addresses issues in corporate risk management. Part I examines the determinants for corporate decisions to commodity hedge and to the extent of hedging. Chapter 1 discusses prior literature, including ...
  • Essays on credit risk 

    Tang, Yongjun (2008-08-28)
    Not available
  • Essays on empirical asset pricing 

    Wei, Chishen (2011-10-24)
    This dissertation contains two essays that use empirical techniques to shed light on open questions in the asset pricing literature. In the first essay, I investigate whether foreign institutional investors affect stock ...
  • Essays on financial institutions 

    Shah, Ronnie Rashmi, 1981- (2012-09-04)
    In this dissertation, I explore the ability of financial institutions to impact firm behavior. The first essay examines whether relationships between venture capital owners (VCs) and investment banking underwriters affect ...
  • Essays on mortgage finance and housing markets 

    Maturana, Gonzalo Eduardo (2015-05-01)
    I first study the effects of additional loan modifications on loan losses during the recent financial crisis. Despite loan modification being widely discussed as an alternative to foreclosure, little research has focused ...
  • Essays on social values in finance 

    Page, Jeremy Kenneth (2011-07-06)
    This dissertation consists of three essays on the role of social values in financial markets. Chapter 1 uses geographic variation in religious concentration to identify the effect of people's gambling behavior in financial ...
  • Essays on the impact of institutional investors on market efficiency and corporate policies 

    Sulaeman, Johan Arifin (2008-08-29)
    In this dissertation, I explore the determinants and implications of the preferences of institutional investors. First, I examine whether institutional investors' preference for local investments is related to informational ...
  • Executive compensation and matching in the CEO labor market 

    Nickerson, Jordan Lee (2014-05-14)
    This study examines the matching of CEOs to firms and the compensation earned by such managers in a competitive labor market. I first develop a simple competitive equilibrium model and derive predictions regarding the ...