• A 10-MJ Active Rotary Flux Compressor for Driving Xenon Flashlamps 

      Morgan, C.A.; Bird, W.L; Weldon, W.F. (1983-04)
    • A 2 MW Flywheel for Hybrid Locomotive Power 

      Thelen, R.F.; Herbst, J.D; Caprio, M.D. (2003-10)
      The University of Texas at Austin Center for Electromechanics (UT-CEM) is currently developing an Advanced Locomotive Propulsion System (ALPS) as part of the Next Generation High-Speed Rail program sponsored by the Federal ...
    • A 2-MW Motor and ARCP Drive for High-Speed Flywheel 

      Thelen, R.F.; Gattozzi, A.L; Wardell, D; Williams, A.S. (IEEE, 2007-02)
      A high-speed induction motor and soft-switching electronic drive are selected to transfer energy between a flywheel and the other power components of prototype hybrid locomotive power system. The motor-generator operates ...
    • 25 GW Homopolar Generator Experiment 

      Zowarka, R.C.; Kajs, J.P. (IEEE, 1991-06)
      Early in the design iterations for the Balcones 60 MJ power supply different options were considered, from a single machine to modular homopolar generators (HPGs).[1] A multiple machine option was chosen to provide greater ...
    • 3-D Electromagnetic Analysis of Armatures and Rails for High Launch Energy Applications 

      Liu, H-P.; Lewis, M.C. (IEEE, 2009-01)
      Transient three-dimensional (3-D) electromagnetic analyses have been performed on armatures and rails which are intended to be used for high launch energy applications. Coupled magnetic and thermal diffusions were solved ...
    • 3D Transient Modeling of Bulk High Temperature Superconducting Material in Passive Magnetic Bearing Applications 

      Pratap, S. B.; Hearn, C. (, undated)
      Bulk high temperature superconductors (HTSC) are being considered for use in several engineering applications including passive magnetic bearings. These bearings besides being passive i.e. inherently stable also offer the ...
    • 9 MJ Laboratory Gun and Range at The University of Texas at Austin 

      Zowarka, R. C.; Peterson, D. R.; Price, J. H.; Weldon, W. F. (IEEE, 1989-01)
      The authors describe a 9 MJ laboratory gun and range program. The goal of the program is to demonstrate a single-shot EM (electromagnetic) gun suitable for establishing gun parameters for repetitive EM gun systems and for ...
    • 9 MJ Range Gun Compulsator Stator Design and Fabrication 

      Herbst, J.D.; Cook, K.G.; Kuenast, R.A.; Pratap, S.B.; Thompson, R.C.; Yun, H.D. (IEEE, 1993-01)
      The authors provide a summary of the structural analysis of the compulsator stator as well as a detailed description of the major stator components. Fabrication and assembly techniques are also presented, along with the ...
    • 9 MJ/Pulse Air Core Compulsator 

      Pratap, S.B.; Manifold, S.M; Walls, W.A; Spann, M.L; Weldon, W.F. (1987-06)
      One of the most critical issues in taking electromagnetic gun technology from the laboratory to field applications is the compactness and portability of very high energy, pulsed power supplies. The air core compulsator ...
    • AARADCOM/DARPA Compact Homopolar Generator 

      Gully, J.H.; (IEEE, 1982-01)
      If electromagnetic (EM) rail guns are to be used to propel substantial projectiles, large amounts of energy must be delivered in a fast, high-current pulse. Homopolar generators (HPGs) store megajoules (MJ) of energy in ...
    • Accelerating the Simulation of Shipboard Power Systems 

      Uriarte, F.M.; Hebner, R.E.; Gattozzi, A.L. (Society for Modeling & Simulation International, 2011)
      This paper presents an approach to accelerate the simulation of shipboard power systems. A common issue in the ship research community is the simulation run time of large-scale shipboard power systems. A contributor to ...
    • Active Current Management for Four-Rail Railguns 

      Beno, J.H.; Weldon, W.F. (IEEE, 1991-01)
      A system of auxiliary conductors designed to reduce current density peaks in railgun rails for four-rail, round-bore railguns is described. The effects on rail current density and projectile force are discussed. Railgun ...
    • Active Magnetic Bearings for Energy Storage Systems for Combat Vehicles 

      Pichot, M.A.; Kajs, J.P.; Ouroua, A.; Murphy, B.T.; Rech, B.; Hayes, R.J.; Beno, J.H.; Buckner, G.D.; Palazzolo, A.B. (IEEE, 2001-01)
      Advanced energy storage systems for electric guns and other pulsed weapons on combat vehicles present significant challenges for rotor bearing design, Active magnetic bearings (AMBs) present one emerging bearing option ...
    • Active Suspension System Energy and Power Requirements for Military Applications 

      Beno, J.H.; Hoogterp, F.B.; Weeks, D.A. (, 1995-10)
    • Active suspension technology development for high performance off-road vehicles 

      Beno, J.H.; Weeks, D.A. (2001-09)
      An initial laboratory proof-of-principle demonstration project, two critical technology development projects, and vehicle demonstration projects were conducted at The University of Texas at Austin Center for Electromechanics ...
    • An Actively Switched Pulsed Induction Accelerator 

      Ingram, M. W.; Andrews, J. A.; Bresie, D. A. (IEEE, 1991-01)
      A coaxial accelerator which will launch a 45 mm diameter, 225 g-mass to 2000 m/s is described. The launcher is a true induction device, as no current feed to the armature is provided. The armature is a multiturn design, ...
    • Adaptive Mesh Refinements in Magnetic Field Calculation 

      Pillsbury, R.D.; Becker, E.B. (1976-06)
      A method for determining regions of a finite element method to be refined is presented. The calculation of the residual in the governing differential equation for each element is used as a criterion. Numerical examples are given.
    • Advanced Compulsator Design 

      Driga, M. D.; Pratap, S. B.; Weldon, W. F. (IEEE, 1989-01)
      The compulsator or compensated pulsed alternator is the name for a large family of high-energy pulsed-power rotation machinery. It covers an extensive range of currents, voltages, pulse shapes, and also frequency in the ...
    • Advanced Compulsator Technology 

      Pratap, S.B.; (IEEE, 1993-01)
      Compulsator selection issues are addressed, including two poles vs. four poles, shell vs. conventional rotors, relation between pulse shape and energy density, and would compensation. Electrothermal guns require a current ...
    • Advanced Compulsators for Railguns 

      Pratap, S.B.; Hsieh, K.T.; Driga, M.D.; Weldon, W.F. (IEEE, 1989-01)
      In order to maximize the penetration of a projectile into a target, the acceleration on the projectile during the launch must be minimized. Low accelerations permit the design of long and slender projectiles which have ...