• Coherently Controlled Quantum Emitters In Cavities 

      Muller, A.; Flagg, E. B.; Deppe, D. G.; Salamo, G. J.; Shih, C. K. (2010-02)
      Semiconductor nanostructures such as quantum dots (QDs) have offered unique opportunities to investigate quantum optical effects in solid-state systems. These include quantum interference, Rabi oscillations, as well as ...
    • A cohort perspective of U.S. adult mortality 

      Masters, Ryan Kelly (2011-05)
      This dissertation advances a cohort perspective to analyze trends in racial and educational disparities in U.S. adult mortality. The project is organized around three themes. First, I emphasize that recent temporal changes ...
    • Coilgun Structures 

      Andrews, J.A.; (IEEE, 1993-01)
      Research on coilguns at the Center for Electromechanics at the University of Texas at Austin (CEM-UT) has yielded considerable insight into the optimal design of coilgun structures. This research has indicated that the ...
    • Coilgun Technology at The Center for Electromechanics, The University of Texas at Austin 

      Bresie, D.A.; Ingram, S.K. (IEEE, 1993-01)
      The engineering trade-offs performed on a coilgun design are described. The concept used was that of a collapsing field accelerator. This concept was chosen because of its passive operation, and because it lent itself to ...
    • Coincident time-shared single molecule imaging, manipulation and bright-field microscopy 

      Bayerle, Alex (2011-12)
      An apparatus that combines single molecule fluorescence, optical trapping and bright-field microscopy is presented. Given the spread over orders of magnitude of the light intensities for the different techniques, special ...
    • Coke S. Reed Interview Transcript 

      Fitzpatrick, Ben (1998-05-26)
    • Cold Atom Ballistics By Coherent Control 

      Reichl, L. E.; Holder, B. P. (2008-04)
      We use the technique of Stimulated Raman adiabatic passage (STIRAP) to affect transport of ultracold atoms between two optical lattices in relative motion. We show, using Floquet analysis and degenerate perturbation theory, ...
    • Cold cuts : visions of refrigerators in United States media, 1942-1968 

      Gansky, Paul Alton (2011-05)
      After World War II in the United States, the household refrigerator and freezer became interwoven into a domestic reality defined by consumption, mechanical innovation, and a tension between spatial isolation and cultural ...
    • Cold Dust but Warm Gas in the Unusual Elliptical Galaxy NGC 4125 

      Wilson, C. D.; Cridland, A.; Foyle, K.; Parkin, T. J.; Cooper, E. Mentuch; Roussel, H.; Sauvage, M.; Smith, M. W. L.; Baes, M.; Bendo, G.; Boquien, M.; Boselli, A.; Ciesla, L.; Clements, D. L.; Cooray, A.; De Looze, I.; Galametz, M.; Gear, W.; Lebouteiller, V.; Madden, S.; Pereira-Santaella, M.; Remy-Ruyer, A. (2013-10)
      Data from the Herschel Space Observatory have revealed an unusual elliptical galaxy, NGC 4125, which has strong and extended submillimeter emission from cold dust but only very strict upper limits to its CO and Hi emission. ...
    • Cold plasma dispersion surfaces 

      Oakes , M. E.; Michie, R. B.; Tsui, K. H.; Copeland, J. E. (Journal of Plasma Physics, 1979)
    • Cold wall reactor for ultra-high vacuum high temperature chemical vapor deposition 

      Points, Micah Shane (2013-05)
      Chemical vapor deposition is a process that enables the deposition of thin films material with a high degree of thickness control, composition and film quality. In an ultra-high vacuum environment (UHV), films of high ...
    • ColdTowne Theater : exploring disaster humor 

      Parker, Sarah Anne (2012-05)
      Disaster humor is a category of humor research that has not been much explored in terms of live audience reactions, something this study undertakes at a small improvisational theater in Austin, Texas. In generating the ...
    • Coleonyx 

      Dixon, James R. (American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, 1970)
    • Coleonyx brevis 

      Dixon, James R. (American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, 1970)
    • Coleonyx fasciatus 

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    • Coleonyx reticulatus 

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    • Coleonyx switaki 

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    • Coleonyx variegatus 

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    • The Colha Preceramic Project: A Status Report 

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