• Al Señor Cura Parroco Padre Jesus Olmedo, Su Despacho 

      Lopez Salgado, Guillermo A. (2007-06-14)
    • al-Ard 

      Shāhīn, Yūsuf (El Sobky Film., 1969)
      چرنلس ث سترگگل ف ا سمل ڤلگ ف پسنتس اگنست ث رلس انردس ف ث لل لرگ لندونر. Chronicles the struggle of a small village of peasants against the careless inroads of the local large landowner.
    • al-Ānisah Ḥanafī 

      Bindārī, Jalīl; ʻAbd al-Wahhāb, Faṭīn; Yāsīn, Ismāʻīl; ʻAbd al-Fattāḥ, Qaṣrī; Qaṣabjī, Riyāḍ (al-Qāhirah : Aflām Jamāl al-Laythī lil-Sīnimā wa-al-Vīdiyū,, 1954)
      comedy about Ḥanafī, whose father and step-mother force into marrying his step-sister, Nawāʻim. During the wedding cermony, Ḥanafī feels a terrible pain. He goes to the hospital, where the doctors operate and somehow ...
    • al-Hubb al-kabir 

      Ḥamāmah, Fātin; al-Atrash, Farid ([al-Qahirah] : al-Sabbbah Vidyu,, 1990)
      An innocent young woman falls in love with a well-known singer after she rescues him from a jealous husband. She kept from him her identity, letting him believe that she is an experienced woman and have lots of lovers.
    • al-Miliyūnīr al-faqīr 

      Yāsīn, Ismāʻīl; Ibyārī, Abū al-Saʻūd ([al-Qāhirah : al-Subkī lil-Intāj al-Sīnimāʻī,, 1980)
      A comic dramatic work. In the countryside a poor guy was close to the chief of the village. He trusted him so much that he sent him to buy an engagement ring from Cairo for his son. But the money was stolen from him. A ...
    • al-Murāhiqāt 

      Mājidah; Ḍiyāʼ al-Dīn, Aḥmad; Zurqānī, Alī (al-Qāhirah : Aflām Jamāl al-Laythī lil-Sīnimā wa-al-Vīdiyū, 1980)
      Dramatic work about a young woman called "Nadá" who was living with her family. The mother was so restrictive and the brother was so selfish and aggressive. She knew a pilot called "ʻĀdil" and loved him and she neglected ...
    • Al-Muwāfaqāt fī Uṣūl al-Sharīʽa, volume I : premises (translation and analysis) 

      Lord, Christopher Stuart (2009-12)
      Abū Isḥāq Ibrāhīm b. Mūsā b. Muḥammad al-Lakhmī al-Shāṭibī al-Gharnāṭī – „al-Shāṭibī‟ – was a fourteenth century Granadan Mālikī religio-legal theorist and jurisconsult. His best known work – al-Muwāfaqāt fī uṣūl al-sharīʽa ...
    • al-Muwāṭin-- Miṣrī 

      Quʻayd, Muḥammad Yūsuf (al-Qāhirah : Aflām Ittiṭād al-Sīnīmāʼ iyīn,, 1990)
    • al-Sammān wa-al-kharīf 

      Muṣṭafá, Ḥusām al-Dīn; Rustum, Fikrī; Ṣāliḥ, Aḥmad ʻAbbas; Luṭfī, Nādiyah; Adham, Ādil; Maḥfūẓ, Najīb (al-Qāhirah : Aflām Jamāl al-Laythī,, 1967)
    • al-Usṭá Ḥasan 

      Sulṭān, Hudá; Abū Sayf, Ṣalāḥ ([al-Zamālik [Cairo] : Markaz al-Sharq al-Awsaṭ lil-Taswīq,, 1980)
      Ḥasan was a poor young man. He was married and had a son. One day a rich woman became attracted to him. She persuaded him to leave his family and live with her. After a while she got bored of him and started to look for ...
    • al-ʻAtabah al-khaḍrāʼ 

      Farīd, Maḥmūd; Jalīl, Bindāri; ʻAbd al-Wahhāb, Faṭīn; Yāsīn, Ismāʻīl (al-Qāhirah : Aflām Jamāl al-Laythī lil-Sīnimā wa-al-Vīdiyū,, 1983)
      A comic musical work. It started with a naı̈ve young man came with his wife from Upper Egypt to Cairo. He met a deceitful man. After a while they became friends. That man convinced the Upper Egyptian man to sell him ʻAtabah ...
    • The alabados song 

      Bissell, Paul, 1966- (2001-12)
    • The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema : cultivating the cult experience 

      De Ville, Donna, 1969- (2007-05)
      Creating a cinematic spectacle, an event that goes beyond the mere screening of a film to include audience participation and exhibitionism, is one of the ways the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas, has chosen to ...
    • Alan K[uperman]; NCI Intern from Hell 

      Kuperman, Alan; Nuclear Control Institute; Holland, Deborah J. (1991-04)
    • Alaska Fracking Regulations Raise Bar for Disclosure Requirements 

      Brown, Jeremy (The Center for Global Energy, International Arbitration, and Environmental Law, 2013-01-08)
    • Albeit with misgivings : applying actor network theory to the contested case of the South Lawrence Trafficway 

      Bussing, Greg Austin (2014-12)
      This paper analyzes a contentious road-building project by elucidating the different values involved and articulated in the decision-making process, delineating the various networks of institutions, individuals, organizations ...
    • Albert Herring 

      Alarcon, Amber (2010-02-26)
      Opera by Benjamin Britten, libretto adapted from a short story of Guy de Maupassant by Eric Crozier. Jim Lowe, conductor. Marc Reynolds, conductor.