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  • Flywheel Batteries Come Around Again 

    Hebner, R.E.; Beno, J.H.; Walls, W.A. (IEEE, 2002-04)
    Today's flywheel batteries, embody technological advances, and they are serious contenders for a variety of important energy-storage applications. They are, for example, competitive with chemical batteries in applications ...
  • Flywheel Batteries for Vehicles 

    Beno, J.H.; Thompson, R.C; Hebner, R.E. (2002-06)
    Energy storage flywheels are useful in power conditioning applications, i.e. when there is a mismatch between the power generated and the power required by the load. Two examples of this mismatch are a temporal mismatch ...
  • The flywheel battery containment problem 

    Pichot, M.; Kramer, J.; Hayes, R.J.; Thompson, R.C.; Beno, J.H. (Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc., 1997-02)
    Flywheel energy storage systems (FESSs), commonly know as flywheel batteries, are being developed for a number of power averaging applications in the transportation industry. Most FESS designs incorporate rotors made from ...
  • Flywheel Energy Storage System and Their Applications 

    Jordan, H.E.; Herbst, J.D; Hayes, R.J. (2002-06)
    The use of flywheels to store energy is a technology centuries old. The confluence of several modern technologies has resulted in flywheels becoming a viable solution for the needs of the transportation, electric utility, ...
  • Flywheel energy storage system with homopolar electrodynamic magnetic bearing 

    Filatov, A.; McMullen, P.; Davey, K.; Thompson, R.C. (, undated)
    The goal of this research was to evaluate the potential of homopolar electrodynamic magnetic bearings for flywheel energy storage systems (FESSs). The primary target was a FESS for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites; however, ...
  • Flywheel Energy Storage to Improve the Energy Efficiency of the DDG-51 Ship Service Electric Power Distribution System 

    Herbst, J.D.; Gattozzi, A.L. (IEEE, 2005-07)
    This paper reports on the investigation and development of flywheel technology as energy storage for shipboard zonal power systems. The goal was to determine where energy storage devices could improve operation and/or ...
  • FM embedded antennas 

    Ganwani, Nisha (2010-12)
    Invented in 1935, Frequency Modulation (FM) is one of the most widely used analog modulation techniques in telecommunications. Since its inception FM radio has been used for high-fidelity music and speech broadcasting, ...
  • Foam assisted low interfacial tension enhanced oil recovery 

    Srivastava, Mayank (2010-05)
    Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP) or Surfactant-Polymer (SP) flooding are attractive chemical enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods. However, some reservoir conditions are not favorable for the use of polymers or their use ...
  • Focus and movement in a variety of K'ichee' 

    Velleman, Leah Bridges (2014-12)
    This dissertation describes two related phenomena in the syntax and semantics of K’ichee’ (Mayan), concentrating on the variety spoken in and around Nahualá. The first phenomenon is focus, the special discourse status ...
  • Focus of attention affects singer's tone production 

    Atkins, Rebecca Lynn (2013-08)
    It is now well understood that skilled motor behavior is affected by performers' focus of attention. This effect has been demonstrated in numerous and varied motor tasks, from golf-putting to piano playing. I conducted two ...
  • Focus on Children with Incarcerated Parents: An Overview of the Research Literature 

    Hairston, Creasie Finney (Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2007-10)
  • Focus on Craft in Building Symposium, Day 1 

    Benedikt, Michael; Speck, Lawrence W. (1989-10-19)
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  • Focus on Craft in Building Symposium, Day 2 

    Angelil, Marc M.; Finley, Robert; Hightower, Irby; Hill, Rodney C.; Lake, David; Macdonald, Christopher; Powell, Boone; Sorkin, Michael; Speck, Lawrence W.; Storper, Michael (1989-10-20)
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  • Focus On Science, Winter 2002 

    University of Texas at Austin (University of Texas at Austin, 2002)
  • Focusing Experiments in Plasma Coaxial Railguns 

    Driga, M. D.; Cook, R. W.; Thelen, R. F. (IEEE, 1986-11)
    The >projectile> being accelerated in a plasma coaxial railgun is a complex mixture: besides plasma, it contains solid particles of fuse, liquid and vapor metal. Materials accelerated are not limited to the fuse metal, the ...
  • Focusing light within turbid media with virtual aperture culling of the eigenmodes of a resonator 

    Tom, William James (2012-12)
    Virtual aperture culling of the eigenmodes of a resonator (VACER) is a technique to focus light within turbid media at arbitrary locations. A seed pulse of light is directed through a phase-conjugate mirror (PCM) into a ...
  • FOIA Documents Released by the Army Corps of Engineers 

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (2008-06-27)
    "You are hereby notified that your offer submitted in response to Solicitation No. ELPUR-08-R-0004 is accepted in the amount of $31,235,828.00."
  • FOIA Documents Released by the DHS 

    United States Government: Department of Homeland Security (2009)
    Freedom of Information Act documents released by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security following the request made by Denise Gilman of the UT-Austin School of Law.
  • FOIA Documents Released by the U.S. Army 

    United States Government: Department of the Army (2009-02-19)
    This response replies to the real estate, plat and property owner information portion of Item 2 of your amended Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request dated May 12, 2008, addressed to the Fort Worth District.