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  • Foucault's asceticism and the subject of AIDS 

    Ayres, Jonathan Peter (2003)
  • Fouling-resistant coating materials for water purification 

    Wu, Yuan-hsuan (2009-05)
    Membrane technology has been used in water purification for decades. However, membrane fouling remains a limiting factor. One way to control fouling is through surface modification. Several studies report that increasing ...
  • The foundational rape tale in Medieval Iberia 

    Castellanos, María Rebeca (2009-12)
    The present study examines the rape episodes in Muslim and Christian historiography of the Iberian Peninsula between 9th and 13th century. These episodes possess a structure which the author defines as “rape tale.” The ...
  • Foundations of a reverse engineering methodology 

    Guillory, Jeremy Barrett (2011-05)
    Reverse engineering is broadly defined as the process of analyzing existing products to learn how to create better products in the future. Including reverse engineering as part of the engineering design process can provide ...
  • The foundations of Red Power : The National Indian Youth Council 1968-1973 

    Jenkins, James Fitzhugh (2013-12)
    The period from 1969 until 1973 represented the height of “Red Power” for American Indians. Pan-tribal activists participated in hundreds of demonstrations and dozens of militant takeovers demanding tribal sovereignty. The ...
  • Fountain Of Lamps 

    Wiseman, James (1970)
  • Four Color Theorem 

    Calton, Kimberly Ann (2009-08)
    The Four Color Theorem originated in 1850 and was not solved in its entirety until 1976. This report details the history of the proof for the Four Color Theorem and multiple contributions to the proof of the Four Color ...
  • Four dimensional N=2 theories from six dimensions 

    Balasubramanian, Aswin Kumar (2014-08)
    By formulating the six dimensional (0,2) superconformal field theory X[j] on a Riemann surface decorated with certain codimension two defects, a multitude of four dimensional N=2 supersymmetric field theories can be ...
  • Four Korean bilingual children's out-of-school literacy practices in the United States 

    Song, Kwangok (2012-05)
    The purpose of this study was to understand the nature of Korean bilingual children’s out-of-school literacy practices. Four Korean-English speaking bilingual children and their parents were participants in this qualitative ...
  • A Four-Planet System Orbiting The K0V Star HD 141399 

    Vogt, Steven S.; Butler, R. Paul; Rivera, Eugenio J.; Kibrick, Robert; Burt, Jennifer; Hanson, Russell; Meschiari, Stefano; Henry, Gregory W.; Laughlin, Gregory (2014-06)
    We present precision radial velocity (RV) data sets from Keck-HIRES and from Lick Observatory's new Automated Planet Finder Telescope and Levy Spectrometer on Mt. Hamilton that reveal a multiple-planet system orbiting the ...
  • Four-probe measurements of anisotropic in-plane thermal conductivities of thin black phosphorus 

    Smith, Brandon Paul; 0000-0002-5073-7591 (2016-08-26)
    Phosphorene, a two-dimensional material exfoliated from black phosphorus (BP), is a promising p-type, high-mobility semiconductor. Phosphorene and BP display intrinsic in-plane anisotropic transport properties due to its ...
  • Four-probe thermal measurement of a carbon nanotube sheet 

    Ou, Eric; 0000-0002-0181-6955 (2015-08)
    As advances are made in top-down nanofabrication and bottom-up syntheses of nanostructures, the characteristic length scales encountered in these structures are on the order of the mean free path of the heat carriers or ...
  • The fourteen principles of the Toyota Way 

    Chacon, Andrez C. (2010-08)
    The thesis is aimed at discussing the principles of the Toyota Way, philosophy and system of management guidelines, by way of elaborating and evaluating upon its fourteen core principles that are followed by companies ...
  • Fourth Biennial Report of the Regents of the University of Texas 

    The University of Texas at Austin (University of Texas at Austin, 1890-12-08)
  • Foveated coding for persistics 

    Bernstein, Alan Aaron (2012-12)
    Persistics is an advanced framework for processing wide-area aerial surveillance video. This framework handles the tasks of data collection, stitching of multi-sensor imagery, image registration and stabilization, motion ...
  • Foveated object recognition by corner search 

    Arnow, Thomas Louis, 1946- (2008-05)
    Here we describe a gray scale object recognition system based on foveated corner finding, the computation of sequential fixation points, and elements of Lowe’s SIFT transform. The system achieves rotational, transformational, ...
  • Foveated video compression for lossy packet networks 

    Larcom, Ronald Craig (2010-12)
    Unreliable networks can severely hamper transmission of video data. In applications requiring minimal latency, video frames must be compressed using intraframe techniques. We develop a video codec suitable for robot ...
  • The fox trot in a nation of cosmopolitans : music and race in early twentieth-century Guatemala 

    Amado Pineda, Andres Roberto (2013-08)
    In this dissertation I explore musical importations in early twentieth-century Guatemala, particularly the fox trot, and their relationship to notions of cosmopolitanism, race, and national identity. Although Guatemalans ...
  • Fracking and Seismic Risks 

    Brown, Jeremy (The Center for Global Energy, International Arbitration, and Environmental Law, 2013-01-15)