• Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) clarinet 

      Fan, Shih-Wen (2015-04-29)
      Cookbook / Kenji Bunch -- "A performance study of Kenji Bunch's Cookbook for clarinet and piano."
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) clarinet 

      Councilor, Nicholas (2015-04-29)
      "Concerto for clarinet and orchestra by John Corigliano : Avant-garde and spectacle" -- Concerto for clarinet and wind ensemble / John Corigliano.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) clarinet 

      Skinner, Timothy (2015-04-14)
      "The artistic and pedagogical features of music for clarinet, voice and piano" -- Sechs deutsche Lieder for voice, clarinet, and piano / Louis Spohr -- From the great land: Woman's songs / Judith Lang Zaimont -- Parto! Ma ...
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) collaborative piano 

      Youn, Hyo Joung (2014-04-18)
      Lecture: "The orchestra in the piano: Comparative analysis of flute-piano and flute-chamber ensemble versions of Jolivet's Chant de linos." -- Chant de linos for flute and piano / Andre Jolivet.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) collaborative piano 

      Fan, Wenci (2015-04-07)
      "Teaching collaborative piano concepts through Paule Maurice's Tableux de Provence and Witold Lutoslawski's Dance preludes" -- Tableux de Provence for saxophone and piano / Paule Maurice -- Dance preludes for clarinet and ...
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) collaborative piano 

      Coleman, Jacob A. (2014-04-21)
      Lecture: "Una sonata de Corte internacional: Adopting a broader interpretive approach for Carlos Guastavino's Sonata para clarinete y piano." -- Sonata para clarinete y piano / Carlos Guastavino.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) collaborative piano 

      Bunchman, Michael (2015-04-08)
      "The cabaret songs of William Bolcom and Arnold Weinstein: a unique stylistic and rhythmic collaboration" -- Amor; Toothbrush time; At the last lousy moments of love; Waitin / William Bolcom.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) collaborative piano 

      Stubbs, Kate (2015-05-01)
      "The Steinway Philharmonic" (The piano as orchestra: Paul Creston's fantasy for trombone and orchestra) -- Fantasy for trombone and orchestra, op.42 / Paul Creston.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) conducting 

      Kelly, Ryan (2014-03-18)
      Lecture: "Kevin Puts' Network: A transcription for wind ensemble." -- Network / Kevin Puts.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) conducting 

      Larsen, Christopher (2015-04-22)
      "Contextually derived rehearsal strategies for selected choral music employing aleatory" -- Without form and void / Dan Welcher -- Cloudburst / Eric Whitacre -- Saul / Egil Hovland -- Attunement -- David Rosenboom -- The ...
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) conducting 

      Sosnowchik, Marc (2015-04-30)
      Passacaglia and thema fugatum in C minor, BWV 582 / Johann Sebastian Bach, transcribed for winds by Leopold Stokowski. A modern edition for wind ensemble by Marc Sosnowchik.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) conducting 

      Bushman, Catharine (2012-08-20)
      Lecture: "Hymns of praise for Debussy: A comparison of the 1920 and 1947 versions of Igor Stravinsky's Symphonies of wind instruments."
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) conducting 

      Sanders, Stefan (2013-04-23)
      "Variations on cells and pitch collections in the magical realms of Stravinsky's Firebird" -- Firebird suite (1919) / Igor Stravinsky.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) conducting 

      Brennfleck, Steven (2015-04-23)
      "The Alexander technique and choral conducting" -- O sacred head, sore wounded / J.S. Bach.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) conducting 

      Bolin, Joseph (2013-08-08)
      Christe, du Lamm Gottes, Wer nur den liben Gott lasst walten / Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) directing 

      Miller, Joshua (2015-04-27)
      Lecture: Le nozze di Figaro / Da Ponte-Mozart.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) double bass 

      Zuniga, Ricardo J. (2015-04-27)
      Peter Vasks's sonata for double bass KBB4.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) flute 

      Daniel, Charlotte (2015-04-23)
      The sonata for flute and piano, op.23 of Lowell Liebermann: Genesis and emphasis upon resemblanvces to the musical aesthetics of Shostakovich -- Sonata for flute and piano, op.23 / Lowell Liebermann.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) guitar 

      Grohovac, Janet (2014-11-14)
      Lecture: A comparative study and performance edition of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco's Sonata, homage to Boccherini, opus 77 -- Sonata "Omaggio a Boccherini" op.77 / Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) guitar 

      Williams, Joseph V., II (2013-04-19)
      Zia: Myth and folklore from New Mexico. La loba -- Pedro and Diablo -- La llorona -- Kokopelli -- Hawikuh -- Coyote -- Zozobra.