• Doctoral thesis recital (conducting) 

      Larsen, Christopher (2015-03-29)
      Set me as a seal / William Walton -- Du Fiedefurst, Herr Jesu Christ, BWV 116 / J. S. Bach -- Little tree / Steve Heitzig -- Quanto sia liet' il giorno; Piove da gli occhi della donna mia / Philippe Verdelot -- Alles hat ...
    • Doctoral thesis recital (conducting) 

      Brennfleck, Steven (2015-03-29)
      Quanto sia liet' il giorno ; Piove da gli occhi della donna mia / P. Verdelot -- Alles hat seine Zeit ; Die Beredsamkeit / F. J. Haydn -- Praise to the Lord / F. Melius Christiansen -- Mass in C major "Coronation", K.317 ...
    • Doctoral thesis recital (conducting) 

      Sosnowchik, Marc (2013-10-20)
      Wiener Philharmoniker fanfare / Richard Strauss -- Octet for wind instruments / Igor Stravinsky -- Appalachian spring : suite for 13 instruments / Aaron Copland.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (conducting) chamber 

      Marinello, Anthony C. III (2016-10-02)
      Fanfare for the common man / Aaron Copland -- Ebony concerto / Igor Stravinsky (Randel Leung, solo clarinet) -- Serenade in D minor, op. 44 / Antonín Dvořák.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (conducting) chamber 

      Sample, Lance (2016-09-18)
      Overture to The marriage of Figaro / Wolfgang A. Mozart -- Octet for winds / Igor Stravinsky -- Serenade in C minor, no. 12 / Wolfgang A. Mozart.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (conducting) chamber 

      Komolpamorn, Pamornpan (2017-09-30)
      Octet for winds / Igor Stravinsky -- Garden of words / Piyawat Louilarpprasert (world premiere) -- Fanfares liturgiques / Henri Tomasi.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (conducting) lecture 

      Pompey, Corey (2016-04-26)
      "Avner Dorman's Astrolatry: a transcription for wind ensemble" -- Astrolatry / Avner Dorman.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (conducting) lecture 

      Missal, Jason (2017-04-04)
      Lecture: Visions fugitives by Sergei Prokofiev : an orchestration for small wind ensemble -- Visions fugitives : op. 22 / Sergei Prokofiev ; orch. Jason Missal.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (conducting) lecture 

      Knight, Steven M. (2016-03-31)
      "Overture in Feet and Meters by Aaron Jay Kernis: A transcription for wind ensemble." -- Overture in feet and meters / Aaron Jay Kernis; trans. Steven M. Knight.
    • Doctoral Thesis Recital (conducting) lecture 

      Llinas, Dennis (2012-03-26)
      "Five songs after texts by Friedrich Ruckert: A transcription for wind ensemble."
    • Doctoral Thesis Recital (conducting) lecture 

      Tembras, Daniel (2012-05-31)
      "The tender land suite (for wind ensemble and voices); a transcription by Daniel Tembras."
    • Doctoral thesis recital (conducting) lecture 

      Gutierrez, Alejandro (2012-11-18)
      Lecture: "Appalachian spring: comparison of the thirteen instruments suite version of 1972 and the orchestral suite version of 1945." -- Appalachian spring / Aaron Copland.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (conducting) lecture 

      Marinello, Anthony (2018-03-05)
      Lecture: Migration series for jazz band and orchestra by Derek Bermel : a transcription for jazz band and wind ensemble -- Performance: Migration series: for jazz band and orchestra (2016/2017) / Derek Bermel (University ...
    • Doctoral thesis recital (conductng) lecture 

      Welsch, James O. (2016-04-29)
      Lecture: "On the cliffs of Cornwall: A look at the composition-revision process in Ethel Smyth's opera, The wreckers." -- Act II prelude: On the cliffs of Cornwall (1905 version) / Dame Ethel Smyth.
    • Doctoral Thesis Recital (contrabass trombone) lecture 

      Workman, Darren (2012-04-16)
      "A pedagogical perspective on the contrabass trombone." -- Excerpts from Die Walkure and Das Rheingold / Richard Wagner -- Statements / Anthong Plog.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (cornet) 

      Missal, Jeff (2015-04-25)
      Soldier's tale, concert suite / Igor Stravinsky.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (directing) 

      Reynolds, Marc (2010-02-26)
      Albert Herring / Benjamin Britten
    • Doctoral thesis recital (directing) 

      Burton, Jessica (2016-02-26)
      At the statue of Venus / Jake Heggie.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (directing) 

      Miller, Joshua (2015-04-24)
      Le nozze di Figaro / W. A. Mozart.
    • Doctoral thesis recital (double bass) 

      Kwak, Se Hyun (2015-04-25)
      A Carmen fantasy for double bass and piano / Frank Proto -- Sonata for double bass and piano / Paul Hindemith -- Sonata in A minor, op.36 / Edvard Grieg.