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  • Going green : sustainable mining, water, and the remaking of social protest in post-neoliberal Ecuador 

    Velásquez, Teresa Angélica (2012-08-27)
    This dissertation examines the reconfiguration of popular environmental politics in the context of so-called sustainable mining development in Ecuador. Progressive governments in Latin America herald sustainable mining ...
  • Going solar in paradise : solar water heaters on the island of Hawaii 

    Murray, Julie Marie (2013-11-20)
    Energy efficient technologies and renewable energy technologies are becoming less of a novelty in the American energy mix. These technologies offer the promise of a decreased dependence on foreign oil, considerable savings ...
  • Gold-surface-mediated hydrogenation chemistry 

    Pan, Ming, active 2013 (2013-01-25)
    High surface area catalysts have been studied and applied in a wide range of chemical reactions and processes. The related microscopic details of surface chemistry are important and can be effectively explored employing ...
  • The Goldilocks Principle : do deviations from the average courtship predict divorce? 

    Smith, Ashley Michelle (2010-08-13)
    The benefits of being average were examined within the context of romantic relationships by focusing on courtship progression and events for 164 married couples. The courtship progression was captured using a graph of the ...
  • Goma:Le volcan Nyiragongo tue toujours dex ans après son éruption meurtrière. 

    L'AVENIR (Reseau Documentaire International Sur la Region de Grands Lacs Africains, 2009-01-16)
  • Good enough: The new face of reference 

    Way, Doug; Lyon, Colleen (Charleston Conference Proceedings, Against the Grain Press, 2011-12-01)
    College students today flock to Wikipedia in droves, while at the same time academic libraries continue to pour time and money into print reference collections that are rarely used and take huge amounts of our libraries' ...
  • Good ESL teachers: from the perspectives of teachers & adult learners 

    Shono, Sarah (2008-08-28)
    Not available
  • Good Girl/Bad Girl 

    Aylward, Kaitlyn Marie (2013-10-22)
    Good Girl/Bad Girl asks women to define the good girls and bad girls in respect to their clothing. Participants are women who live in either New Mexico or Texas and identify as one or more of the following groups: New ...
  • Good guys and bad guys : race, class, gender and concealed handgun licensing 

    Stroud, Angela Rhea, 1981- (2012-07-19)
    Abstract: This dissertation explores how cultural meanings around race, class, and gender shape concealed handgun licensing in Texas. This project utilizes in-depth interviews with 36 concealed handgun license holders and ...
  • Good Hair Film Screening Poster 

    Department of American Studies (2013-04-11)
    Poster for the February 19, 2013 screening of the 2009 film Good Hair.
  • Good housekeeping 

    Licata, Catherine (2014-11-07)
    The following report describes the development, pre-production, production, and post-production of the short narrative film Good Housekeeping. It also contains the original shooting script, shooting schedule, and cast and ...
  • A good idea is not enough: Understanding the challenges of entrepreneurship communication 

    Spinuzzi, Clay; Jakobs, Eva-Maria; Pogue, Gregory
    This paper addresses a less-investigated issue of innovations: entrepreneurship communication. Business and marketing studies demonstrate that new product development processes do not succeed on good technical invention ...
  • The good news about BLM’s fracking rules 

    Webb, Romany (The Kay Bailey Hutchison Center for Energy, Law, and Business, 2015-03-31)
  • The Good Practices of the National Aids Control Commission (CNLS) 

    THE REPUBLIC OF RWANDA: THE NATIONAL AIDS CONTROL COMMISSION (CNLS) (Reseau Documentaire International Sur la Region de Grands Lacs Africains, 2009-01-16)
  • Goodbye & Good Luck! 

    Department of Government (2011-11-22)
    In This Issue: What Must Republicans Learn From the Obama Campaign? / by Max Everett -- The Bunche Experience / by Kiah Lewis -- On the Campaign Trail / by Brittany Ross -- Learning to Govern, Learning to Live / by Coby ...
  • Goodbye and Good Luck! 

    Department of Government (2011-11-22)
    In This Issue: Political Ideology and Expression on Campus / by Lauren Ratliff -- Maintaining GOP Dominance in Texas / by Justin May -- Texas Redistricting - To Whom Go the Spoils? / by Ernest McGowen -- Business Implications ...
  • Goodbye and Good Luck! 

    Department of Government (2011-11-22)
    In This Issue: Europe on the Brink / by James Galbraith -- Italian Given Worst Job in Europe / by Ben Carliner -- Constitutional Reform in Eurasia / by Julie A. George -- Who Won the Iraq War? / by Ali Rawaf -- We Have ...
  • Goodbye and Good Luck! 

    Department of Government (2011-11-22)
    In This Issue: The Budget Gap / by Alexis Senger -- Stem Cell Research and Texas / by Charles Schotz -- Commercial Banks and the Great Recession / by Jeffrey Friedman -- There's No Place Like Home / Mary Josie Blanchard ...
  • Goodbye and Good Luck! 

    Department of Government (2011-11-22)
    In This Issue: Creating Positive Change / by Sarah Weddington -- Women in Politics / by Janet K. Boles -- Reflections from the South Lawn / by Cassy Dorff -- Political Science and Leadership / by Bruce Grube -- Words of ...