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  • Essays on energy economics : markets, investment and production 

    Morovati Sharifabadi, Mohammad (2013-12)
    My dissertation consists of three distinct but related chapters on Energy Economics and Finance. My first chapter is an empirical evaluation of market conduct in global crude oil markets. "Hotelling rule" states that even ...
  • Essays on energy economics research 

    Lin, Ning, doctor of economics (2011-12)
    In the first chapter, I examine a variety of the factors that affect the price and demand of natural gas. Prior natural gas price research approaches utilized well-defined time series models. I have taken these historical ...
  • Essays on environmental and natural resource economics 

    Stafford, Teresa Michelle (2010-08)
    In the first essay, I assess the effect of indoor air quality (IAQ) in school buildings on student test performance and attendance rates. Results indicate that performance on standardized tests significantly improves while ...
  • Essays on environmental and public economics 

    Monti, Holly Anne Odell (2011-05)
    This dissertation is a collection of three essays in the fields of environmental and public economics. The first essay assesses the effect of government spending on charitable donations to environmental causes. Using a ...
  • Essays on environmental regulation and robust control 

    Gonzalez, Fidel (2003)
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  • Essays on exchange rate regimes and international financial crises 

    Hernandez-Verme, Paula Lourdes (2002)
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  • Essays on externalities and international cooperation : a game theoretic approach 

    Klis, Anna Alexandra; 0000-0001-5684-2870 (2015-05)
    In this dissertation, I present three essays which examine questions in the field of public economics using a game theoretic approach, and I derive hopeful results and helpful rules for international negotiation. In my ...
  • Essays on financial institutions 

    Shah, Ronnie Rashmi, 1981- (2008-08)
    In this dissertation, I explore the ability of financial institutions to impact firm behavior. The first essay examines whether relationships between venture capital owners (VCs) and investment banking underwriters affect ...
  • Essays on firm strategies and consumer dynamics in socially embedded technology networks 

    Mukherjee, Rajiv, active 2013 (2013-05)
    It is of deep interest to researchers and practitioners in Information System (IS) to understand the efficacy of the traditional IS and economics theory in modern business environments such as online social networks. In ...
  • Essays on fiscal and monetary policy in open economies 

    Kabukcuoglu, Ayse Zeyneti (2013-05)
    In the first chapter, I quantify the welfare effect of eliminating the U.S. capital income tax under international financial integration. I employ a two-country, heterogeneous-agent incomplete markets model calibrated to ...
  • Essays on fuel efficiency and vehicle demand dynamics 

    Liu, Yizao (2011-05)
    Reducing automobile-based gasoline consumption has been a major U.S. public policy issue recently. A key driving force behind policymakers' desire is the concern of environmental externalities and national security. ...
  • Essays on health insurance and the family 

    Dillender, Marcus Owen (2013-05)
    The three chapters of this dissertation explore the ties among health insurance, changing cultural institution, and labor economics. The first chapter focuses on the relationship between health insurance and wages by taking ...
  • Essays on heterogeneity in labor markets 

    Sengul, Gonul, 1980- (2009-05)
    My dissertation focuses on the heterogeneity in labor markets. The first chapter proposes an explanation for the unemployment rate difference between skill groups. Low skill workers (workers without a four year college ...
  • Essays on housing and family economics 

    Taskin, Ahmet Ali (2013-05)
    This dissertation consists of three essays in Housing and Family Economics. In the first chapter, I analyze the interstate migration patterns of families and the effect of labor force attachment of women on joint migration ...
  • Essays on housing and labor markets 

    Guler, Bulent, 1979- (2009-05)
    In the first chapter, I study the effects of innovations in information technology on the housing market. Specifically, I focus on the improved ability of lenders to assess the credit risk of home buyers, which has become ...
  • Essays on housing and macroeconomics 

    Zhu, Guozhong (2009-05)
    This dissertation studies households' housing decision in the presence of income risks, and its implication on within-cohort income/consumption inequality and the nature of income risks facing households. It is composed ...
  • Essays on income inequality, exchange rate, and policy coordination 

    Yang, Xiaojun, 1966- (2003-05)
    Not available
  • Essays on income taxes and household production 

    Wikle, Jocelyn Smith (2013-05)
    Couples make dynamic joint decisions, including how much each spouse works at home and in the market throughout life. By building a dynamic model of taxation, I quantify the welfare gains of moving to a gender-based tax. ...
  • Essays on incomplete information in economic development 

    Steele, Jennifer Lynn (2007)
    This thesis studies the effects of incomplete information on economic development. Relaxing the assumption that information is complete allows for corruption to occur, even in equilibrium, and for poverty traps to develop. ...