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  • Essays in environmental regulation and firm dynamics 

    Dardati, Evangelina Alejandra (2011-06-22)
    In this dissertation, I study the effect of environmental regulation on firm behavior. In the first chapter, I use a dynamic model to quantify the effects on exit, entry, investment and welfare of different allocation ...
  • Essays in financial intermediation, monetary policy, and macroeconomic activity 

    Dressler, Scott James (2008-08-28)
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  • Essays in financial propagation and corporate inventory investment behavior 

    Yang, Xiaolou, 1973- (2008-08-28)
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  • Essays in health economics 

    Mulligan, Karen Michelle (2012-07-06)
    This dissertation consists of three chapters on health economics, two of which focus on contraception and the third on vaccination. Chapter one examines the impact of state-level contraception insurance coverage mandates ...
  • Essays in international corporate finance 

    Riutort, Julio César (2011-06-22)
    This dissertation consists of three essays in international corporate finance. It studies the impact of aggregate conditions and the institutional environment on the behavior of publicly traded firms from a broad sample ...
  • Essays in international economics 

    Saygili, Meryem (2011-06-22)
    This dissertation consists of three essays in international economics. The first chapter investigates whether opening up to international financial flows improves aggregate productivity in the presence of limited contract ...
  • Essays in labor economics with applications to Germany 

    Yaman, Firat (2011-06-22)
    This dissertation consists of three essays in Labor Economics. The first chapter estimates the costs for establishments of hires and separations for a panel of German establishments. The panel records the start and ...
  • Essays in microeconomic theory 

    Eldridge, Damien Sean, 1970- (2008-08-28)
    My dissertation uses game theoretic techniques to explain the existence of two economic institutions which are ignored by the Arrow-Debreu-McKenzie general equilibrium model of an economy. The first institution that I ...
  • Essays in vehicle emission policies 

    Mazumder, Diya Basu, 1974- (2008-08-28)
    The first chapter of this dissertation examines welfare impacts of a combination of subsidies to alternative fuels (AFs) and alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), and how they compare to gasoline taxes. The particular AF ...
  • Essays of credit market behavior and bankruptcy 

    Chen, Tzu-Ying (2011-06-15)
    Since the 1980s, household debt has been increasing rapidly. The high level of household indebtedness has been accompanied by a high household bankruptcy rate. My research attempts to provide a better understanding of the ...
  • Essays on achieving investment targets and financial stability 

    Monin, Phillip James (2013-04-17)
    This dissertation explores the application of the techniques of mathematical finance to the achievement of investment targets and financial stability. It contains three self-contained but broadly related essays. Sharpe et ...
  • Essays on ad-supported business model competition, cost asymmetry and forward trading 

    Ke, Xuqing (2011-06-17)
    This dissertation explores several aspects of the theory in industrial organization. The first chapter builds a model with two cost asymmetric firms who not only have Cournot competition in the spot market but also have ...
  • Essays on advertising's impact on firm risk, firm value, and analysts' forecasts 

    Kim, Min Chung, 1975- (2008-08-29)
    Marketing managers are often challenged to show, in the language of finance, that marketing expenditures enhance financial performances. Responding to this call, the first essay examines the impact of a firm's advertising ...
  • Essays on auction mechanisms and resource allocation in keyword advertising 

    Chen, Jianqing, 1977- (2012-09-07)
    Advances in information technology have created radically new business models, most notably the integration of advertising with keyword-based targeting, or "keyword advertising." Keyword advertising has two main variations: ...
  • Essays on authority 

    Sevel, Michael Allen (2010-11-23)
    The chapters contained in this dissertation are three essays on the nature of practical authority, and the role it plays in the thought and action of those subject to it. In chapter 1, I criticize a recent and influential ...
  • Essays on banking and corporate investment 

    Wardlaw, Malcolm Ian (2011-11-07)
    This dissertation examines issues in banking and the financing of corporate investment. The first chapter investigates the impact of changes in a bank's health on the investment behavior of its current borrowers for a panel ...
  • Essays on banks' resolutions of problem mortgage loans 

    Kim, Jung-Eun, active 2013 (2013-10-23)
    This dissertation examines banks' resolution of distressed commercial mortgage loans. Following the introduction in the first chapter, the second chapter reviews the literature on banks' resolutions of distressed loans. ...
  • Essays on behavioral responses to welfare generosity 

    Kumazawa, Risa (2011-05-10)
    Not available
  • Essays on bundling and low cost air carrier pricing 

    Aydemir, Resul (2011-06-10)
    In Chapter 1, I analyze a setting where a pair of retailers which sell unrelated products at the same location (e.g., a strip mall) compete with other retailers located at a different strip mall across town by jointly ...