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      Choreography: Andrea Beckham (Fish, Abundance), Laura Cannon and Carolyn Pavlik (Cowhouse Creek Suite) [1]
      Choreography: Andrea Beckham (Through the Mountain), Andee Scott (A Few Questions About Eurydice) [1]
      Choreography: Andrea Beckham (Through the Mountain); Theresa Hardy (Compassionate Resolution); Andee Scott (A Few Questions About Eurydice) [1]
      Choreography: Arnie Zane (Freedom of Information, Part III); Yacov Sharir (Three); Diana Prechter (The Sleepwalker's Dream); Jose Luis Bustamante (Beyond the Pale) [1]
      Choreography: Bryan Green (#1) [unknown choreographer] (#2), Yacov Sharir (#3) [1]
      Choreography: Carolyn Pavlik (Lady-boy, Endless Buttonings), Andrea Beckham Collaborative Dance (Count to Twelve), Sean Curran (Alone in the Metal Garden), Michael Foley (The Sky Is Falling) [1]
      Choreography: Carolyn Pavlik (Snow Globe); Yacov Sharir, José Luis Bustamante (Flight) [2]
      Choreography: Christian Bourigault, Maria Voortman, Yolande Snaith, Matjaz Pograjc, Peter Gerszon Kovacs, Yacov Sharir, et al [1]
      Choreography: David Dorfman, Jose Luis Bustamante, Yacov Sharir, Doug Varone [1]
      Choreography: David Gordon [1]
      Choreography: David Justin (Remember When You Loved Me, Solemn Opus); Mark Morris (repertoire excerpts) [1]
      Choreography: Dee McCandless and Yacov Sharir (Bach), Arnie Zane (Freedom of Information Part III) [1]
      Choreography: Doug Varone (Stranded Landfish, Home, Motet), Andrea Beckham (A Naked Umbrella); Yacov Sharir (Dogs); Jose Luis Bustamante (Lunar Motor) [2]
      Choreography: George Balanchine (Allegro Brillante), Yacov Sharir (Parade) [1]
      Choreography: George Balanchine, Yacov Sharir [1]
      Choreography: Gina Lalli (Garden of Dreams); Andrea Beckham (Skin Bubble); Holly Williams (Bolero); Allison Orr (Sextet) [1]
      Choreography: Heywood "Woody" McGriff (Angelitos Negros); John Brooks (Just One of the Choices); Yacov Sharir (Opus 102) [1]
      Choreography: Holly Williams (Extraordinary Day), Theresa Hardy (Compassionate Resolution of the Psychological Dilemma), Leslie Dworkin (Rise), Allison Orr (The King and I) [1]
      Choreography: Holly Williams (Extraordinary Day); Leslie Dworkin (Rise); Allison Orr (The King and I) [1]
      Choreography: Jose Limon (There is a Time); Laura Dean (Skylight) [1]