Waller Creek Working Group

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With this archive, our goal is to create a one-stop shop for data on Waller Creek in Austin, TX. Here we provide access to a compilation of data on Waller Creek that includes published and unpublished information across diverse formats including journals, government documents, maps, images, theses, raw data, class projects and more. This database includes information spanning a variety of fields including, but not limited to scientific, historical, cultural, architectural, public policy and social. If you are aware of other resources on, or have created information about, Waller Creek, please consider sharing it with us at: https://sites.cns.utexas.edu/waller_creek_working_group/home . This project is ongoing with the first set of data added to the TSW in spring 2018. We are cleaning and processing hundreds more documents to add to this archive, with expectations of completing the first round of this project in early 2019 with over 500 resources. This project was generously funded by the UT Green Fee.

Inclusion in the collection does not mean that the works are in the public domain. They may still be protected by copyright. We provide access only for nonprofit, educational, scholarly, research and teaching uses, and personal use, in accordance with copyright's fair use provision. If reader wishes to make other uses, he/she/it is responsible for determining whether permission is required and obtaining it if it is. We would be happy to hear from any reader who has information about a work in the collection. A reader who has any concerns about a work in the collection should feel free to contact us. For questions about the Waller Creek Archive contact: Dr. Mary Poteet, mpoteet@jsg.utexas.edu For questions about Texas ScholarWorks contact tsw@utlists.utexas.edu