Soviet Pamphlets

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In the course of his extensive travels through the Soviet Union, the writer and journalist Elias Tobenkin (1882-1963) acquired a collection of materials relating to the Soviet Union during the period between the two world wars. Among these materials was a collection of approximately 600 pamphlets printed and distributed at the very beginning of the Soviet era. Now part of the UT Libraries collection, the pamphlets offer a significant perspective on the development of Soviet society. Many are publications intended for the instruction of workers and professionals in areas critical to the new social structure, such as child care or nursing; others warn about anti-Soviet activities of certain groups of people, or of the possibilities of hostile activities from abroad, such as gas attacks from the air; still others give instruction and advice in certain aspects of personal legal matters or other helpful matters. A representative selection of works has been digitized and is presented here. Publication dates for these items range from the 1920s through the 1930s.