Bat City Review (Restricted)

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Mission Statement

Founded in 2004, Bat City Review is an annual literary magazine run entirely by creative-writing graduate students from the University of Texas at Austin. Since its debut, it has aroused the attention of the small-press literary scene and earned a reputation as one of the most consistently rich literary magazines published today.

Bat City Review publishes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Pieces are accepted according to their balance of thoughtful insight and creative zeal rather than on the basis of their author's reputation and achievements.

However, we are proud of our writers' achievements, which include a National Book Award, a Pulitzer Prize, a L.A. Times Novel of the Year, a Lenin Peace Prize, and a Poet Laureateship of the United States.

Art and Writing

Bat City Review, from its inception, has envisioned itself as a journal that supports visual and literary art in a single creative space. Throughout its run, the journal has used archival visual material from the University of Texas at Austin's Harry Ransom Center to complement the works in each issue. The journal also commissions contemporary artists for its cover designs and visual content. Recently, Bat City Review has added a Writing and Art Collaboration Contest to its efforts to promote the intermixing of these two disciplines.

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