Proactive coping : determinants, mediators, and outcomes


Proactive coping : determinants, mediators, and outcomes

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Title: Proactive coping : determinants, mediators, and outcomes
Author: Pahl, Sandra Anneliese
Abstract: In the past, a large body of research has examined how individuals deal with past stressors. More recently a newer line of research has examined how individuals deal with upcoming stressors. However, to date only a limited number of studies has concerned itself with this question. The present three studies were intended to add to the current literature on future-oriented coping by investigating predictors, mediators, and psychological outcomes related to future-oriented coping styles. Study 1 used an internet-based, cross sectional design to gain insight into the relationship between internal (goal-orientation and maximizing) and external resources (social support) and competencies (proactive competencies and goal adjustment) and three future-oriented coping styles, future-oriented avoidance coping, preventive coping, and proactive coping. We predicted that the three future-oriented coping styles would be related differently to resources and competencies. The results only partially supported our hypotheses, and particularly the inverse relationship between proactive coping and social support was surprising. Furthermore, proactive and preventive coping were related to maximizing. Study 2 and Study 3 extended the findings of Study 1. These studies used a lab-based, prospective design. In Study 2, the relationship of several additional internal resources in addition to maximizing were examined (irrational beliefs, values, optimism, and the Big Five personality traits) to gain further insight into their
Department: Psychology
Subject: Proactive coping Future-oriented coping
Date: 2012-08

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