Dynamic properties of soils with non-plastic fines


Dynamic properties of soils with non-plastic fines

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Title: Dynamic properties of soils with non-plastic fines
Author: Umberg, David, 1987-
Abstract: The results from an experimental study on the dynamic properties of sand with nonplastic silt are presented. Combined resonant column and torsional shear equipment is used to evaluate the effects of confining pressure, shearing strain, frequency, and number of cycles of loading on the dynamic properties of silty sand. The goal of this study is to determine if relationships in the literature for sands and gravels are accurate for predicting the shear modulus and material damping characteristics of soil with nonplastic fines or if the incorporation of a fines content parameter improves predictions. This goal was primarily accomplished by reconstituting and testing samples of an alluvial deposit from Dillon Dam, Dillon, Colorado according to predetermined gradation curves with variable amounts of non-plastic fines. Among the findings of this investigation are: (1) soil parameters such as Cu and D50 can be related to dynamic properties of soils with up to 25% fines, (2) the effects of non-plastic fines on the small-strain dynamic properties of soils are not very pronounced for soils with less than 25% fines, and (3) an increase in the amount of non-plastic fines in uniform soils or soils with more than 25% fines generally results in lower values of small-strain shear modulus, higher values of small-strain material damping, and more linear G/Gmax - log([gamma]) and D - log([gamma]) curves. The effect of non-contacting, larger granular particles in a finer soil matrix is also investigated along with the impact of removing larger particles from laboratory samples.
Department: Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering
Subject: Soil dynamics Fines content Silt resonant column Torsional shear Shear modulus Material damping ratio Stress-strain curves Granular soil Nonlinear soil behavior
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2152/ETD-UT-2012-05-5854
Date: 2012-05

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