Identity, mobility, and marginality : counseling third culture kids in college


Identity, mobility, and marginality : counseling third culture kids in college

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dc.contributor.advisor Awad, Germine
dc.creator Downey, Dana Leigh 2012-08-09T14:42:05Z 2012-08-09T14:42:05Z 2012-05 2012-08-09 May 2012
dc.description.abstract The number of Americans living abroad currently is estimated at over four million, with over 37,000 matriculating into U.S. universities each year. If the social media giant Facebook were a country, it would be third largest in the world, with over 300 million users outside of America. The trajectory of our society is increasingly global. Amidst this shift, there is a unique multicultural subpopulation emerging-- Third Culture Kids (TCK), who experience a collision of cultures and form hybrid identities in the course of their development. TCKs are more specifically when a person spends a significant part of their developmental years outside their parents’ culture. The TCK takes on pieces of each culture, while never fully ‘belonging’ to any. They are most at home around others of a similar transient background. This report synthesizes research about globally mobile populations from across disciples, highlighting grief and ambiguous losses, acculturation stresses, and identity development. Potential implications for the college campus— at institutional and individual levels— will be discussed. This overview of current research and resources equips college counselors with a frame of reference for engaging this third culture in a holistic and contextualized manner.
dc.format.mimetype application/pdf
dc.language.iso eng
dc.subject Third culture kids
dc.subject International
dc.subject Psychology
dc.subject Global
dc.subject Transient
dc.subject Higher education
dc.subject Counseling
dc.subject Culture
dc.subject Identity
dc.subject Ambiguous loss
dc.subject Acculturation
dc.title Identity, mobility, and marginality : counseling third culture kids in college
dc.title.alternative Counseling third culture kids in college 2012-08-09T14:42:10Z
dc.identifier.slug 2152/ETD-UT-2012-05-5574
dc.contributor.committeeMember Moore, Leslie A.
dc.description.department Educational Psychology
dc.type.genre thesis
dc.type.material text Educational Psychology Educational Psychology University of Texas at Austin Masters Master of Arts

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