What the drug war left behind

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Title: What the drug war left behind
Author: Carrillo, Mario Antonio
Abstract: Since 2008, Ciudad Juarez has seen almost 10,000 murders due to Mexico’s ongoing war against drug-trafficking organizations. However, in 2011 the murders in the city began to decline. This report examines the reasons for this decrease and the lingering effects that will remain once the violence ends. It also analyzes historical factors dating back to the 1960s that have made Juarez a vortex of violence and looks at how such issues might affect the city’s future. Now that the violence is falling, some argue that the people of Juarez must to shift their attention from public safety and security and focus more on the recovery of the city. This report analyzes the question of what it means to reconstruct a city, one of 1.3 million people, or whether or not Juarez can be restored at all. It takes a look at the city through the eyes of several of its residents, including the president of the local Chamber of Commerce, an elementary school teacher, and a working journalist for one of the city’s television stations. It examines how each of their sectors of the city has been affected and how each of them can help in the recovery. This report includes a visit to one of the city’s schools to see first-hand the effects that the drug war has had on Juarez’ most vulnerable citizens, its children. It also follows a city journalist and examines how life for a reporter has changed in Juarez and how reporters can help the city by reporting on it in a more responsible manner. Finally, after seeing more than 10,000 businesses close, the city has struggled in jolting the economy. A project proposed by the Chamber of Commerce hopes to revitalize the economic sector of the city, but many wonder if it’s realistic to expect this project, which is to build a new convention center, to fix an entire city.
Department: Journalism
Subject: Drug Drug war Ciudad Juarez Mexico Schools Recovery Teachers Journalists El Paso
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2152/ETD-UT-2012-05-5362
Date: 2012-05

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