Same-sex parents in San Antonio

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Title: Same-sex parents in San Antonio
Author: Lee, Yi-Mou
Abstract: San Antonio has the highest percentage of same-sex couples raising children compared to any other major metropolis in the nation. The unlikely emergence of San Antonio as a haven for same-sex parents is tied to many complex issues and themes – it touches on history, religion and race deep in the heart of Texas. Below its seemingly conservative surface, San Antonio has a decidedly liberal undercurrent: Its liberal legal system, a network of Catholic leaders quietly supports the gay families, and the Latino community that presents a tolerant side. The story explores the question: How can San Antonio have such high numbers of gay parents, but still be seen by gay parents as a hostile place to live? That seeming dichotomy speaks to the ongoing tension in the nation where liberals push for civil rights, while conservatives push to preserve traditional family values. The battles in the political, religious and cultural arenas in San Antonio exemplify the longstanding tug of war over family values in this country and might help us understand just what the future holds for same-sex couples in the rest of American society.
Department: Journalism
Subject: San Antonio Same-sex parents Gay LGBT History Hispanic culture Catholic
Date: 2012-05

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