Reconstructive-memory process

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Title: Reconstructive-memory process
Author: Shin, Yun Koung
Abstract: This graduate report is a description of my artistic development through the graduate program at the University of Texas at Austin. It records my development and growth as an artist in relationship to the concepts, materials, and processes I have been investigating and exploring in the past three years. The graduate report focuses on three important concerns to which I’ve been dedicated. First, materials are imperative to my work. I physically collect and use my father’s ordinary objects and transform them with raw materials, such as clay, flour, honey, chocolate, beeswax, and petroleum jelly. The decision of choosing raw materials is based on my personal and cultural experiences. I am particularly interested in exploiting raw materials because I believe these raw materials can trigger a particular memory, place, or relationship that I want to preserve and remember. Second, my process of making involves ritualistic aspects with repetitive acts. I believe that everyday practices are a way of reconstructing relationships and remembering home. I am interested in embracing emotional attributes that may be simple activities: spraying a piece daily to keep it wet or sewing a personal object until it is impossible to sew. Finally, through the relationship among the objects, repeated actions, and an anticipation that evokes magical power and charged energy, I methodically transform objects. I do this to celebrate emotions and to preserve not only these personal objects but also my memories of home.
Department: Studio Art
Subject: Clay Raw materials Sculpture Sculptural ceramics Relationship Memory Reconstructive-memory process Containment Preservation Repression Desire Need to preserve Record of transformation Documentation Material processes Physical activity Extensive craftsmanship Personal rituals Ritualistic activities
Date: 2012-05

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