Fast numerical methods for high frequency wave scattering


Fast numerical methods for high frequency wave scattering

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Title: Fast numerical methods for high frequency wave scattering
Author: Tran, Khoa Dang
Abstract: Computer simulation of wave propagation is an active research area as wave phenomena are prevalent in many applications. Examples include wireless communication, radar cross section, underwater acoustics, and seismology. For high frequency waves, this is a challenging multiscale problem, where the small scale is given by the wavelength while the large scale corresponds to the overall size of the computational domain. Research into wave equation modeling can be divided into two regimes: time domain and frequency domain. In each regime, there are two further popular research directions for the numerical simulation of the scattered wave. One relies on direct discretization of the wave equation as a hyperbolic partial differential equation in the full physical domain. The other direction aims at solving an equivalent integral equation on the surface of the scatterer. In this dissertation, we present three new techniques for the frequency domain, boundary integral equations.
Department: Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics
Subject: Wave scattering Wave propagation High frequency wave Fast multipole method Parallel fast multipole method Boundary integral equation Multiple scattering
Date: 2012-05

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