Fraud asylees from China

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Title: Fraud asylees from China
Author: Yuan, Zhongyu
Abstract: Immigration issues have been put on the center of the discussion table for years. Mentioning the term, the first thing coming into one’s mind maybe Mexican or Latino citizens secretly hide inside a cargo ship and risk their lives to cross the border. But the new Chinese immigrants’ inflow creates no less influence. They do not bring drugs but take brutal labor jobs, they do not come with families but live more compactly with groups, they do not keep unnoticed but will actively show up in churches and can get green card with much ease. The externalization of Chinese migrant worker trend deserves more social and economic attention. In this master’s report, I will unravel the puzzles of the Chinese immigration wave, focusing on their pursuit of asylum fraud. In 2011, more than 32 percent of the total 21,012 asylum approvals are granted to Chinese nationals. In east Los Angeles area, where undocumented Chinese conglomerate, low-end factories and shops, churchs, and law offices form up a complete immigration chain service. V The two main characters, Ai Peng and Guo Yinghua, represent the two universal approaches among the Chinese community: asylum through reasons of religion and birth control. Through interviews with professionals and scholars and existing materials, I am intending to depict the real lives of asylees, evaluate impact of the immigration wave, and raises legal and executive questions for improvement.
Department: Journalism
Subject: Immigration Chinese Asylum
Date: 2012-05

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