Holistic training in a corporate environment


Holistic training in a corporate environment

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Title: Holistic training in a corporate environment
Author: Lambert, Michael Frederick
Abstract: As the scope of responsibility and the sophistication of each job role changes there is no longer the ability to assume that certain skills/capabilities exist simply because the person has the correct degree or has been to the proper corporate training course. A broader, holistic view, of the person has to be taken. My focus in this paper will be to look at the holistic training and development of employees through the context of Applied Materials. There has been a significant change in training, an evolution in the past several years in training from the learning of specific skills that will enable you to do your job more effectively to one where the whole learner is looked at from the time they are hired, giving them the skills they need to be successful and tying those skills sets into an overall career path. However while this is a long term goal not all training needs to accomplish all of these heady tasks. Some training focuses only on the point skills necessary to be effective in the work place. This paper will break down into four broad sections; the state of adult learning in America and the context of Applied Materials, a holistic view of the technical and sales professional, the value of training and its measurements, and finally I will look at four case studies employing the context and metrics defined earlier and drawing some conclusions about the evolution of training at Applied Materials to one where it is becoming more holistic and looking at the entire employee.
Department: Engineering Management
Subject: Training Holistic education
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2152/ETD-UT-2011-08-3950
Date: 2011-08

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