The perfect storm : violence in Qasim Era Iraq, 1958-1963


The perfect storm : violence in Qasim Era Iraq, 1958-1963

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Title: The perfect storm : violence in Qasim Era Iraq, 1958-1963
Author: Moe, Jeffrey Donald
Abstract: This thesis explores new ideas for the foundations for state violence in Iraq by looking specifically at the outbreaks of spectacular violence during the Qasim Era (1958-1963). In order to frame the discussion, this study looks first at how the British established a model for state violence during the Monarchy period (1921-1958), which eventually both validated and radicalized the opposition parties. The second chapter examines the violence of the everyday in Iraq, and how the spectacular violence of the Qasim Era finds historical context within everyday violence and ritual. In the final chapter, this thesis discusses how the radicalized violence of the opposition parties melded with the violence of the everyday to create spectacular acts of ritualized violence. After the coup d’état of 8 February 1963, the Ba’ath Party institutionalized this radical new brand of violence, creating a foundation for the state violence to come under Saddam Hussein. This violence was experienced only by the Iraqi Communists at first, but was later experienced by the whole nation.
Department: Middle Eastern Studies
Subject: 20th century Qasim Ba'ath Ba'th Saddam Hussein Iraq History Hashemite Kingdom, 1921-1958 Ritual mutilation Communists 1958-1979 Anti-communist movements
Date: 2011-05

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