Imagery & transportation in routine product advertising


Imagery & transportation in routine product advertising

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Title: Imagery & transportation in routine product advertising
Author: Hill, Emily Stell
Abstract: In this work, the idea of transportation via advertising is explored, specifically, transportation by means of print advertising. Transportation has been demonstrated to occur when one is observing some form of traditional media and becomes “carried away” by the narrative. The concept of transportation itself, an explanation of the idea of grotesque, and the manner and extent to which transportation takes place when viewing certain print ads will be analyzed. Transportation is described as one of three styles (modes) of engagement observed in this study, the other two being identity based and what is termed “immersion”. First, a review of relevant literature on narrative transportation an the use of grotesque imagery (defined below) to facilitate tr3ansportation, or at least a more powerful brand experience in high-end print advertising is provided; then the author develops the research question. Next, a series of depth interviews a survey considers the effects of narrative imagery in drugstore cosmetics print advertising. Findings are discussed, and theoretical explanations are provided. The report concludes with managerial implications and suggestions for future research.
Department: Advertising
Subject: Narrative transportation Transportation theory Grotesque imagery Grotesque Richard Gerrig Immersion
Date: 2010-12

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