Friedrichsburg by Friedrich Armand Strubberg : translated and annotated by James C. Kearney


Friedrichsburg by Friedrich Armand Strubberg : translated and annotated by James C. Kearney

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Title: Friedrichsburg by Friedrich Armand Strubberg : translated and annotated by James C. Kearney
Author: Kearney, James C., 1946-
Abstract: Friedrich Armand Strubberg’s semi-autobiographical novel Friedrichsburg, published in Germany in 1867, is a fountain of information about the German settlements in the Hill Country of Texas established in the years 1844-1848 by a corporation of German noblemen. The noblemen safely ensconced in their comfortable estates in Germany attempted to live up to their responsibilities and supply the settlers with basic needs, but their efforts fell woefully short. In consequence, the immigrants often were thrown upon their own devices and compelled to live from what they could learn to grow or hunt in a new land with unfamiliar climate, plants, and animals. Many hundreds perished from disease, exposure, and malnutrition. But after a painful period, the German settlements took root and began to prosper; lending a Germanic stamp to the Hill Country area of Texas that persists to the present day. In Friedrichsburg, the reader encounters many dramatic stories attendant to the foundation years of Fredericksburg, Texas, 1846/1847 when Friedrich Armand Strubberg, under the assumed name Dr. Schubbert, served as the first colonial director of the town. The situations are presented vividly and entertainingly, and although the book offers a romanticized and, in this sense, a sanitized version of the immigrants’ travails, I maintain that it contains historically accurate depictions of people and events that have been largely overlooked in other accounts of the period. The dissertation offers the first complete translation of the novel. An introduction provides an overview of German immigration in Texas, a short biography of Friedrich Armand Strubberg, and a discussion of his place in literature about Texas published in Germany in the nineteenth century. Extensive endnotes document names and episodes as they appear in the text and distinguish between what is fact and what is fiction in the novel. A bibliography of works published about Texas in the nineteenth century is supplied as an appendix.
Department: Germanic Studies
Subject: Dr. Schubbert Friedrich Armand Strubberg Fredericksburg, TX Friedrichsburg, TX Adelsverein Mormons in Texas Zodiac community Meusebach Comanche Indians Society for the Protection of German Emigrants in Texas German Settlements in Texas German Emigration in Texas Adventure literature Literature of the American West Abenteuerliteratur
Date: 2010-12

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