Ad hoc : overloading and language design

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Title: Ad hoc : overloading and language design
Author: Kilpatrick, Scott Lasater, 1984-
Abstract: The intricate concepts of ad-hoc polymorphism and overloading permeate the field of programming languages despite their somewhat nebulous definitions. With the perspective afforded by the state of the art, object-oriented Fortress programming language, this thesis presents a contemporary account of ad-hoc polymorphism and overloading in theory and in practice. Common language constructs are reinterpreted with a new emphasis on overloading as a key facility. Furthermore, concrete problems with overloading in Fortress, encountered during the author's experience in the development of the language, are presented with an emphasis on the ad hoc nature of their solutions.
Department: Computer Sciences
Subject: Programming languages Language design Object-oriented programming Functional programming Ad hoc polymorphism Overloading Multimethods Multiple dispatch Type classes Fortress programming language
Date: 2010-08

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