Approaches to the performance of the Odyssey


Approaches to the performance of the Odyssey

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dc.contributor.advisor Beck, Deborah
dc.creator Tosa, Dygo Leo 2010-09-22T19:30:54Z 2010-09-22T19:31:00Z 2010-09-22T19:30:54Z 2010-09-22T19:31:00Z 2010-08 2010-09-22 August 2010
dc.description.abstract This report examines different approaches to the performance of the Odyssey. The first approach focuses on the internal evidence of the Odyssey, looking at how the Homer’s poems define the singer as a type. The second approach analyzes a selection of sources from the classical period that attests to the performance of the Odyssey. The third approach uses material evidence as a means to reconstruct the music of performance. The internal evidence provides a consistent model for performance that can be correlated with external context. This model can then be used to show how the Odyssey makes use of its own performance. These approaches demonstrate that the material of the poem provides the most compelling account of performance of the Odyssey. The Odyssey presents a consistent model of performance that describes the performer, the manner of performance, and makes use of performance in its own poetry.
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dc.language.iso eng
dc.subject Odyssey
dc.subject Performance
dc.subject Singer
dc.subject Homer
dc.subject Iliad
dc.subject Music
dc.title Approaches to the performance of the Odyssey 2010-09-22T19:31:00Z
dc.contributor.committeeMember Palaima, Thomas G.
dc.description.department Classics
dc.type.genre thesis
dc.type.material text Classics Classics University of Texas at Austin Masters Master of Arts

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