Advertising networks and the state of online advertising


Advertising networks and the state of online advertising

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dc.contributor.advisor Williams, Jerome D., 1947-
dc.creator Lawson, Whitney Elizabeth 2010-11-16T16:13:31Z 2010-11-16T16:13:36Z 2010-11-16T16:13:31Z 2010-11-16T16:13:36Z 2010-05 2010-11-16 May 2010
dc.description.abstract The current economic climate presents many challenges to advertisers. In 2009, advertising spending in the United States dropped 12.3 percent, forcing advertisers to focus on campaigns that prove a quick return on investment. As average time spent online continues to increases, so is the Internet’s contribution to society and the economy. Advertising budgets are being shifted online to reflect the growing importance of the Internet, and much of these budgets are being spent using advertising networks. These networks act as the intermediaries between advertisers and Web publishers and make online advertising accessible and affordable for small and large budgets alike. This paper explores the current state of Internet advertising with a close focus on advertising networks. The goal of this paper is to educate on the basics of online advertising and how to navigate the advertising network industry, so even an advertising novice can utilize their numerous benefits.
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dc.language.iso eng
dc.subject Advertising networks
dc.subject Internet advertising
dc.subject Digital advertising
dc.subject Online advertising
dc.title Advertising networks and the state of online advertising 2010-11-16T16:13:36Z
dc.contributor.committeeMember Wilcox, Gary B.
dc.description.department Advertising
dc.type.genre thesis
dc.type.material text Advertising Advertising University of Texas at Austin Masters Master of Arts

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