Google app engine case study : a micro blogging site


Google app engine case study : a micro blogging site

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Title: Google app engine case study : a micro blogging site
Author: Kajita, Marcos Suguru
Abstract: Cloud computing refers to the combination of large scale hardware resources at datacenters integrated by system software that provides services, commonly known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), over the Internet. As a result of more affordable datacenters, cloud computing is slowly making its way into the mainstream business arena and has the potential to revolutionize the IT industry. As more cloud computing solutions become available, it is expected that there will be a shift to what is sometimes referred to as the Web Operating System. The Web Operating System, along with the sense of infinite computing resources on the “cloud” has the potential to bring new challenges in software engineering. The motivation of this report, which is divided into two parts, is to understand these challenges. The first part gives a brief introduction and analysis of cloud computing. The second part focuses on Google’s cloud computing platform and evaluates the implementation of a micro blogging site using Google’s App Engine.
Subject: Cloud computing Google app engine Google web toolkit Eclipse Java.
Date: 2009-12

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