Studies on the total synthesis of (±)-rocaglamide


Studies on the total synthesis of (±)-rocaglamide

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Title: Studies on the total synthesis of (±)-rocaglamide
Author: Freund, Wesley Allen
Abstract: The use of a Nazarov cyclization for the diastereoselective synthesis of rocaglamide was studied. Chapter 1 discusses the biological activity of the rocaglamide family of natural products and details the previous synthetic work on these compounds. Chapter 2 discusses the approaches taken in the Magnus group for the total synthesis of rocaglamide. Several approaches to the natural product were undertaken. Using a novel acid bromide induced Nazarov cyclization, construction of the C-ring of the natural product was achieved. Attempts to construct the remainder of rocaglamide were ultimately unsuccessful.
Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry
Subject: Total synthesis Nazarov cyclization Rocaglamide
Date: 2009-08

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