Vesuvius. 79 AD

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Title: Vesuvius. 79 AD
Author: Barker, Daniel S.
Department: Geological Sciences
Subject: Igneous rocks volcanic rocks volcanology field geology Vesuvius 79 AD eruption 1794 eruption Gatta Plinian ash column lava Herculaneum Oplontis Pompeii Stabiae LANDSAT image Bay of Naples Campi Flegrei Naples Misenum volcanic systems flaming fields caldera collapse 1538 AD stratovolcano Monte Somma Cone of Vesuvius volcanic stratigraphy caldera scarps topographic barrier slave rebellion Spartacus 73 BC classicists archeologists building loans economic collapse Nero earthquake tectonic quake Wheel ruts, Pompeii stepping stones, Pompeii South city wall, Pompeii Pliny the Younger Cape Misenum Tacitus Haraldur Sigurdsson grain size analysis vent stratigraphic section discharge rate pumice ash stratosphere Airfall roof collapse pumice lapilli surges pyroclastic flow 62 AD earthquake Plinian column household shrine human remains deposition rate boathouse carbonized remains of boat tree mold casts of doors plaster casts suffocation Garden of the Fugitives, Pompeii Cast of dog, Pompeii 1944 eruption Seismic tomography magma reservoir 1845 observatory 1944 lava flow Vesuvius crater World Heritage Site Goethe Cupid driving a chariot pulled by geese Looters’ tunnel 18th century looters bomb damage Allies Sorrento
Date: 2010-09

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Description: One of a series of images with descriptions of igneous and volcanic geological features in field environments.
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