Viscous lava flows

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Title: Viscous lava flows
Author: Barker, Daniel S.
Department: Geological Sciences
Subject: Igneous rocks Volcanic rocks Volcanology Field geology 15th century obsidian flow Iceland Medicine Lake volcano, California Glass Mountain flow, Medicine Lake, California Medicine Lake volcano Little Glass Mountain flow Newberry caldera, Oregon Big Obsidian Flow 1739 rhyolite flow Fossa Di Vulcano New Guinea 1944 flow, Vesuvius Menengai caldera, Kenya Wagon Wheel Gap, Colorado Fantale Volcano, Ethiopia Rocche Rosse obsidian flow, Lipari Rocche Rosse Juzini rhyolite Crocodile River, South Africa Cinque Denti, Pantelleria Pico de Teide,Tenerife, Canary Islands Star Mountain rhyolite Davis Mountains, Texas Viscosity Eruption rate Topography Lava flow Lava dome Slope Vent Viscous lava Rhyolite Phonolite Obsidian Glacier Levee Lateral moraine Pressure ridge Flow direction Pumice Flow lobe Broken glass Rotated block Active volcano Layered crystalline rhyolite Mafic lava Crystals Buckling Cross section Ramp structure Tension crack Boudinaged pumiceous layer Tension fracture "Stretch marks" "Alligator skin" Folds Glassy rhyolite Jointed interior North West Coulee, Mono Craters, California
Date: 2009-03

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Description: One of a series of images with descriptions of igneous and volcanic geological features in field environments.
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