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dc.creator Barker, Daniel S. 2010-03-31T16:44:31Z 2010-03-31T16:44:31Z 2009-03 2010-03-31T16:44:31Z
dc.language.iso eng
dc.relation.ispartofseries Volcanology Field Photography;1
dc.subject Field geology
dc.subject Igneous rocks
dc.subject Volcanic rocks
dc.subject Volcanology
dc.subject Tongariro group, North Island, New Zealand
dc.subject Stratovolcano
dc.subject Fuji, Honshu, Japan
dc.subject Sierra Grande, New Mexico
dc.subject Vesuvius
dc.subject Bay of Naples
dc.subject Somma volcano
dc.subject 79 AD eruption
dc.subject Pico de Teide, Tenerife, Canary Islands
dc.subject Atlantic Ocean basin
dc.subject Volcan Osorno, Chilean Andes
dc.subject Ixtaccihuatl
dc.subject Popocatepetl
dc.subject Mexico City
dc.subject Etna, Sicily
dc.subject Mount St. Helens
dc.subject Mount Adams
dc.subject Cascades arc
dc.subject Stromboli, Sicily
dc.subject Pacific Northwest
dc.subject Mount Shasta, California
dc.subject Mount Hood, Oregon
dc.subject Mount Rainier, Washington
dc.subject Mount Baker, Washington
dc.subject Mount Garibaldi, British Columbia
dc.subject Lewis and Clark
dc.subject Shastina
dc.subject Augustine, Alaska
dc.subject Vulcano
dc.subject Fossa di Vulcano
dc.subject Mount Redoubt, Alaska
dc.subject Eruption
dc.subject Composite cone
dc.subject Lava flow
dc.subject Pyroclastic debris
dc.subject Repose time
dc.subject Elevation
dc.subject Slope
dc.subject Intrusive rock
dc.subject Magma composition
dc.subject Silica content
dc.subject Viscosity
dc.subject Phreatic explosion
dc.subject Phreatomagmatic explosion
dc.subject Pyroclastic
dc.subject Shield volcano
dc.subject Basalt
dc.subject Andesite
dc.subject Phonolite
dc.subject Pyroclastic layer
dc.subject Hazard
dc.subject Snow field
dc.subject Snow field
dc.subject Glacier
dc.subject Flood
dc.subject Mudslide
dc.subject Tuff cone
dc.subject Mining
dc.subject Crater
dc.subject Sulfur
dc.subject Alum
dc.subject Fumarole
dc.subject Ash
dc.title Stratovolcanoes
dc.type Presentation
dc.description.department Geological Sciences

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Description: One of a series of images with descriptions of igneous and volcanic geological features in field environments.
Size: 12.65Mb
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