Cancer studies I

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Title: Cancer studies I
Author: University of Texas
Abstract: Table of contents. A broad approach to the cancer problem / by Roger J. Williams (p. [7]-12) -- Demonstration of a virus-like tumor agent by filtration and desiccation of materials from eggs bearing mouse mammary carcinoma / by Alfred Taylor, Adele Kynette, and R.E. Hungate (p. [13]-31) -- Evidence for a cancer virus using intraocular implants of mouse tumor in rats / by Alfred Taylor and Adele Kynette (p. [33]-42) -- The virus concept in cancer research / by Alfred Taylor (p. [43]-46) -- Factors affecting the propagation of cancers in incubating eggs / by Roy C. Thompson and Betty Boyd Morgan (p. [47]-52) -- The nutritional adequacy of the embryonated egg for growth of a mammalian tumor / by R.E. Hungate and Hester Snider (p. [53]-63) -- Effects of egg grown heterologous tumor tissue on the chick embryo / by Adele Kynette, Alfred Taylor, and Roy C. Thompson (p. [65]-73) -- Results of injecting mice with fresh materials from tumor-bearing eggs / by R.E. Hungate ... [et al.] (p. [75]-89) -- The ineffectiveness of moderate centrifugation for separating tumor cells from yolk / by R.E. Hungate (p. [91]-93) -- Changes in hemoglobin concentration, total hemoglobin, and blood volume associated with tumor growth / by Alfred Taylor (p. [95]-102) -- Observations on effects of tumor cells on hemoglobin in vitro / by R.E. Hungate (p. [103]-104) -- Experiments on the transplantation of C₃H and dba mammary carcinomas into the donor and non-donor strains / by R.E. Hungate and Hester Snider (p. [105]-108) -- Experiments on factors inhibiting the growth of mammalian tumors in eggs / by R.E. Hungate and Hester Snider (p. [109]-117) -- Diet and spontaneous lung tumors in strain A mice / by Alfred Taylor and Roger J. Williams (p. [119]-122) -- A study of folic acid distribution with respect to its possible relationship to cancer / by Yen Hoong Loo and Roger J. Williams (p. [123]-134) -- Appendix. Publications from the University of Texas Biochemical Institute, 1939-1944 (p. [135]-139).
Department: UT Libraries
Subject: Cancer research
Date: 1945-02-15

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